What’s New—Amplify 2022 Product Launches

A recap of new features and products to help companies continuously understand what customers want and what drives impact

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May 25, 2022
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John Hurley
VP of Product Marketing
Amplify 2022 Product Announcements

Onstage today at Amplify, the Amplitude team announced many exciting new capabilities. These new features and products will help teams building digital products and services to become more data-driven than ever before.

We’ve seen the impact when teams work as a unit to continuously understand what customers want and what drives results. We call this new way of working—and the unified technology we deliver—the Digital Optimization System.

The best products and experiences are no longer built with just intuition, but instead use data to optimize and improve on a continual basis. Data and insights can no longer be locked in the hands of a few data experts—it has to be self-serve and actionable for every product manager, marketer, engineer, and leader. Everyone needs to be able to evaluate the impact of their work, double down on what drives impact, and get rid of what doesn’t.

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With the product announcements we made today, we believe more teams will make digital optimization a reality.

Here are the key takeaways from everything we launched:

  • New digital analytics features: With new Campaign Reporting, Metrics, and Tables we’re helping both product and marketing teams measure outcomes across the full customer journey.
  • Collaboration workflows: New integrations into Notion, Miro, and Slack—along with updates to Dashboard Templates and Spaces—bring insights into everyday workflows.
  • Amplitude CDP: We doubled down on data with the first-ever insights-driven customer data platform.
  • New integrations and services: And finally, we’re offering integrations and customer success services that make insights easier than ever before, including an expanded partnership with Snowflake.

What’s new with Amplitude Analytics

First up is your favorite Analytics platform for actionable insights into the end-to-end customer journey. We launched a slew of game-changing features.

Metrics—Standardize how you report on outcomes

Analytics are most valuable when they help you connect your work back to outcomes. It’s also critical that all your teams are on the same page with how you define your success metrics. That’s why we introduced Metrics. This is a powerful new way to quickly tie customer behavior back to business outcomes. Metrics enables teams to quickly create standardized, reusable measurements of success. Think of them as new foundational building blocks that help accelerate and align your team’s reporting to your most important outcomes.

A screenshot of using Amplitude Metrics for segmentation

Learn more about Metrics

Tables—Get a single view to compare KPIs

Next up, our new Data Tables will make tables a first-class object and analysis tool in Amplitude. Customers can build multi-metric, multi-dimensional analyses to compare metrics and make decisions about their business. And like everything with Amplitude, Tables are easy to use no matter your level of analytics experience.

Amplitude Tables

Learn more about Tables

Campaign Reporting—Where top of the funnel performance meets product usage data

We’ve introduced new Campaign Reporting tools. It’s now easy to see Channel Performance and Attribution right within Amplitude. We’ve also introduced new campaign data integrations. For the first time, we’re bringing both marketing and product teams together in a single system to understand how their investments drive growth. This is a long-standing request for the marketing and growth teams already using Amplitude.

Amplitude Campaign Reporting Attribution

The new Campaign Reporting functionality makes the transition from tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics much easier. And we’re just getting started.

Learn more about Campaign Reporting

Reimagined Team Spaces—Get organized and share knowledge

Spaces help product teams subscribe to and organize analyses shared in Amplitude. Today we’re introducing a brand new organization system for your charts, dashboards, notebooks, and cohorts!

Amplitude Spaces

Learn more about Spaces

Slack, Miro, and Notion Integrations

We have new integrations into your collaboration tools like Notion, Miro, and an upgraded Slack integration. These are the tools used most often by product managers, and we want to make it easy to bring data to every conversation.

  • Notion integration allows customers to easily embed charts in your docs and wikis.
  • Slack now enables you to set up subscriptions and Alerts for metric updates or react to issues quickly (coming soon)
  • Miro, the #1 visual collaboration tool, allows you to brainstorm and whiteboard with insights! (coming soon)
Amplitude Notion Integration

And in case you missed the recent integration to Productboard–here you go!

New Dashboard Templates

New Dashboard Templates make it meaningfully easier to create dashboards. Users can turn their existing Dashboard into a template, or select from templates when creating a new Dashboard. With templates—the new pinned filters and replaced properties—teams can quickly monitor the metrics they need most.

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Learn more about Dashboard Templates

What’s new with Amplitude Experiment

Experiment Results—You bring the A/B data, we deliver the results

Last year we launched Experiment and it’s quickly becoming the leading solution for product experimentation on the market. However, many teams already have deeply embedded testing and feature delivery infrastructure. But now they can use Experiment Results. It helps teams bring their A/B data and start analyzing experiments like the best teams in the world.

Learn more about Experiment Results

Goals & Takeaways—Guiding you to great product decisions

Experiment also now has automated Goals and Recommendations. Experiment guides users to set the right goals, automatically uncovers whether tests are statistically significant, and provides recommended next steps in a quick snapshot.

Amplitude Experiment Goals and Takeaways

Learn more about Goals and Takeaways

Introducing Amplitude CDP—The first insights-driven customer data platform

For years we’ve been investing in providing the best tools to bring data into Amplitude, ensure that data is high quality, and enable teams to activate data across their stack. And now we’re doubling down with the Amplitude Customer Data Platform (CDP). It’s the first-ever insights-driven CDP.

And while we’ve had many of the CDP capabilities for years, there is a lot of new to talk about:

And best of all—it’s all natively integrated with Analytics. Unlike other CDPs that require connecting to third-party analytics solutions (making you pay twice for the same data!), Amplitude CDP both collects and analyzes event data with its natively integrated, industry-leading analytics solution.

How Amplitude CDP free plan compares to leading CDPs

Learn more about Amplitude CDP

What else is new?

We’ve always been passionate about making it as easy as possible to get started with Amplitude and turn your organization into a data-informed culture. After all, if it’s too hard to learn or connect your data sources, then what’s the point?

Snowflake Data Sharing Partnership

As many of you have seen, the center of gravity for data storage has shifted to the modern data warehouse. And while these solutions have become the critical foundation for data, it requires applications like Amplitude to make that data easy to analyze, explore, and activate. We want to make it as easy as possible to use Amplitude as the insights and activation layer on top of THE Data Cloud company, Snowflake. We’re expanding upon our integration to allow customers more ways to analyze and active Snowflake data within Amplitude. With a new data-sharing integration, Snowflake customers have the flexibility to unlock insights without exporting data from their Snowflake instances.

Amplitude Snowflake Partnership

Learn more about Snowflake + Amplitude

Amplitude Academy—Your one-stop shop for learning Amplitude

We’re excited to introduce you to Amplitude Academy. Academy, along with our growing catalog of professional services and customer success programs, will make it easy for customers to get started and grow with Amplitude. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Wide array of self-paced courses, video tutorials, and live training sessions
  • Resources to support your use case
  • Open to all—customers, prospects, and partners
Amplitude Academy

Visit Amplitude Academy

Amplitude Developer Center—Your one-stop-shop for building with Amplitude

We love developers! So we took a huge step in making it easier for developers to use Amplitude, with more structure in our resources and a unified experience for all our developer-related products.

Amplitude Developer Center

Check out the new Developer Center

And that’s a wrap on all the product news from Day 1 of Amplify, the #1 product and growth conference. Here’s a summary of availability for all the new features announced at Amplify in the image below.

A chart of when new capabilities are available

You can still register for Amplify virtual conference to catch up on demand. Or you can subscribe to our product updates board. We’re constantly launching and upgrading features.

Not using Amplitude? What are you waiting for? It’s free to get started.

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