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September 19, 2023
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Larry Xu
Director of Engineering, Amplitude Experiment
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As an engineering leader at Amplitude, I know from experience that traditional approaches to DevOps have led teams to operate like feature factories—endlessly shipping features without really understanding (let alone quantifying) the impact each release drives.

At previous organizations, our engineering teams would try to learn from each code release using disparate tooling, but it was simply too challenging to instrument our siloed analytics tools across every flag. This added friction forced my engineering team to choose whether to move fast or learn from every release. We needed better data and better tooling to truly understand what was driving innovation and growth for the business.

At Amplitude, our goal is to help engineering teams build great digital products by natively integrating analytics with enterprise-ready feature management. We have doubled down on feature management capabilities to meet the needs of developers in this release.

Now, engineering teams accelerate learning by quickly shipping tailored experiences, quantifying the impact of each release, and iterating to continue improving to drive growth. With these product investments, Developers have the capabilities they need to improve user growth, drive monetization and conversion, and keep users coming back, all on one platform.

Quantify the impact of every release

Engineering teams have been blocked from the benefits of data-driven development because of the considerable amount of friction that instrumentation adds to the development cycle especially when teams use disparate tools. This added friction has led most teams to choose between relying on a data-driven approach to product development or trying to ship faster and faster with the hope they get it right.

Auto-generated dashboards for every feature flag

Now, developers learn faster with auto-generated dashboards for every release.

Now, developers no longer need to choose between shipping fast or learning from each release. Amplitude is providing engineering teams access to auto-generated dashboards focused on product adoption KPIs right out of the box.

With these key insights, teams can easily understand who has interacted with each release and the impact of releases on key metrics. Teams can also help surface potential issues all in one central location.

This new feature from Amplitude is a true game-changer for developers.

Granular governance ensures full control for developers

To safely deliver great experiences to every user, developers need complete control over every feature flag. With Amplitude’s latest release, developers now have more control over every user and every feature flag.

Designating the right access for every user with flag-level permissions

Developers now have full control over every user

Teams can now easily designate permissions for every user. This ensures the right users can create flags, edit existing flags, or simply define view-only access. This ensures that the right people have the suitable access to deliver better product experiences.

Flag-level tagging for easier program management

Define tags for every flag and experiment for easier program management

Engineering teams know how hard it can be to manage every feature flag across a product without effective lifecycle management capabilities.

With flag-level tags, users can now build tags for both experiments and feature flags, making it easy to define groups of feature flags and organize them as needed. This powerful feature also enables teams to sort and filter experiments and flags, making it easy to stay on top of every product and digital experience.

Enhanced flexibility for targeting, implementation

Deliver deeper targeting without sacrificing performance with local evaluation proxy

Developers can now deliver targeted feature flags and experiments without sacrificing performance. Engineering teams benefit from near-zero latency that meets even the most demanding performance needs. This capability enables local evaluation on unsupported platforms using a language-agnostic implementation providing developers with much more flexibility.

This also ensures dynamic targeting with large cohorts surfaced in Analytics, while also automatically tracking assignment events, which makes instrumentation even easier.

New implementation options with client-side local evaluation

Developers needed more flexibility to implement feature flags across their stack. With client-side local evaluation, developers can now deliver high-performance flags across the entire product.

Read our documentation to learn more.

Announcing general availability for the Management API

We are also pleased to announce that our Management API is now officially GA! Check out our updated documentation to scale your experimentation programs, programmatically.

Seamless workflows for developers

A purpose-built UX for developers

A new seamless user experience built for developers

Developers now have a seamless user experience for feature flag configuration. This purpose-built user experience makes it easier and faster for developers to ship releases quickly and safely.

Now, developers can target a release, define the allocation, and roll out the feature from one place.

Restart experiments with one click

Restart experiments with one click

Developers and product managers running experiments on essential product experiences may run into instrumentation problems, incorrect configurations, or data quality issues that slow teams down. But, after teams solve these challenges, teams need to figure out what to do next.

Now, with our latest release developers are guided to restart their experiment with confidence. Saving teams time without wasting cycles.

Stay on top of our program with Slack notifications

Stay on top of your program directly from where you work in Slack

Keep on top of every experiment directly from Slack. Developers can now keep moving faster, directly from where they work.

More capabilities for product and data teams to scale experimentation

We have not only focused on developers for this latest product launch. Product and data teams now have new ways to scale experimentation, too. Amplitude has made it easier for these teams to upskill newer teams and build effective roadmaps for experiments.

Improve experiment roadmap estimates with a new duration calculator

Build accurate experiment roadmaps based on your historical data in Amplitude

Product and data teams now get much more guidance with easy-to-understand estimates based on product data already in Amplitude. This makes it easy for teams to understand how long it will take to reach statistical significance without needing a statistics degree.

These estimates help teams prioritize which tests they should run, understand if an experiment is worth running, and if they should alter the MDE and Confidence Interval to reach a decision faster directly from the design process of every experiment.

Upskill teams faster with standardized templates for every test

Standardize your experiment configuration with templates

With Experiment Templates, teams no longer need to start every test from scratch. Now, teams can stay consistent with experimentation frameworks. They can easily standardize targeting, evaluation methods, experiment type, bucketing units, and more to scale experimentation quickly.

Build great digital products with Amplitude's Digital Analytics Platform

Our newest release packs a whole lot of punch and takes the guesswork out of product development and building better products. But don’t take our word for it, come check out Amplitude yourself.

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Image of Larry Xu
Larry Xu
Director of Engineering, Amplitude Experiment
Seasoned technology executive with over 16 years in developing disruptive software technologies. Experienced in building engineering organizations enabling companies in the data space to quickly reach product market fit and grow from 0 to $100M+ in ARR.