Using Behavioral Analytics for Growth with the Amplitude App on HubSpot

Explore how data-driven teams use behavioral analytics from the Amplitude app for HubSpot to better understand customers’ motivations and drive growth.

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June 17, 2024
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Jason Recacho
Principal Partner Marketing Manager, Amplitude
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To enhance products and marketing, gaining deeper insights into your customers is crucial. Whether your company is embracing product-led growth or following a more traditional sales and marketing approach, continuous product enhancement is key to attracting, impressing, and retaining customers. According to HubSpot, nearly a quarter of marketers emphasize the importance of personalized, tailored content in catering to customer needs. However, with so much data at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to determine which metrics and behaviors are truly impactful for your business.

This is where behavioral analytics comes in. With the Amplitude app on HubSpot, you have access to powerful tools that enable you to analyze user behavior and gain valuable insights into what drives customer engagement and retention. By tracking specific actions and events within your product or website, you can understand how customers interact with your brand and make informed decisions on how to improve their experience.

One key benefit of behavioral analytics is the ability to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior. By segmenting users based on certain actions or events, you can create targeted campaigns and messaging that speak directly to their needs and interests. For instance, by segmenting users based on an action like cart abandonment, you can create targeted campaigns through various messaging channels to encourage conversion.

Using behavioral analytics, the Amplitude app for HubSpot bolsters your understanding, targeting, engagement, and conversion of users, enabling you to tailor product features based on customer preferences.

Today, customers expect seamless, personalized experiences at every stage of their journey, intensifying competition. Discover how brands are distinguishing themselves by leveraging behavioral data.

Why data-driven brands are using behavioral cohorts in marketing and service

The Amplitude cohort represents a group of users sharing common traits based on their actions within a specific timeframe. Whether they opt for push notifications or engage with your product in a particular manner, understanding their behavior is key. This insight from Amplitude via HubSpot streamlines data flow, offering vital contact management and analysis for diverse teams.

From marketing and sales to product management and customer service, behavioral analytics unveil pivotal product features. By leveraging cohort-based targeting and content, you refine products and enrich the customer journey, just like HubSpot does with Amplitude for crucial product insights. Additionally, with Amplitude's visualizations and reporting capabilities, stakeholders gain a clear understanding of user behavior and can make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

As your product evolves, it is important to constantly analyze and understand how your users are interacting with it. This is where Amplitude comes in. With its ability to create cohorts based on specific behaviors, Amplitude provides valuable insights into your users' actions within a certain timeframe. This information can then be seamlessly integrated with HubSpot for improved contact management and analysis.

What makes cohort-based targeting so powerful is the fact that it allows you to segment your users based on their shared traits or actions. By identifying these patterns, you can tailor your marketing efforts, sales strategies, and product features to better.

“The thing that tips the scale from one company to another,” says Daniel Wolchonok, Head of Product Analytics at HubSpot, “is their ability to leverage data about who is using their product. That will ultimately be achieved with a behavioral analytics system.”

Benefits of behavioral cohort targeting

The Amplitude app for HubSpot enhances the value of both platforms. Teams can better understand customers and use this greater insight to:

  • Capture and nurture leads
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Upsell customers
  • Rekindle interest from lost prospects or customers
  • Improve products or design new ones based on customer needs and interests
  • Improve customer journeys and experiences based on what matters most to them

Three ways to use Amplitude’s behavioral cohorts to refine products, improve the customer experience, and drive growth

Self-service analytics empower teams to easily access precise, real-time behavioral data and actionable insights independently, eliminating the need for data managers' assistance. Discover three strategies teams leverage Amplitude and HubSpot to drive enhanced bottom-line outcomes.

1. Sync Amplitude cohorts to HubSpot to optimize lead generation and conversions

Integrating Amplitude with the HubSpot CRM establishes a robust and seamless customer contact management system.

Amplitude cohorts to HubSpot Sync

Amplitude cohorts to HubSpot Sync

Amplitude cohort data flows into HubSpot contact lists.

Amplitude cohort data flows into HubSpot contact lists.

Use Amplitude cohorts to filter and segment customers based on behaviors and profile criteria like traits, locations, and more. Pinpoint behavioral cohorts to take tailored actions:

  • Use HubSpot lists for personalized marketing emails.
  • Allocate lists to specific workflows.
  • Apply membership filters across lists to customize reports.
  • Formulate industry-specific, tailored reports for workflow evaluation and refinement.

By gaining a more in-depth understanding of your key customer segments, you can:

  • Interact with them more effectively
  • Enhance conversions and customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Utilize dedicated dashboards for easy tracking
  • Reduce costs

Using HubSpot contact lists is a great way to manage and organize your customer data. However, simply having a list of contacts is not enough. With Amplitude cohorts, you can filter and segment your customers based on their behaviors and profile criteria. This allows for more targeted and personalized marketing strategies.

By pinpointing specific behavioral cohorts, you can take tailored actions that are more likely to resonate with your customers. For example, if you have a cohort of customers who frequently make purchases on your website, you can send them exclusive promotions or discounts to encourage repeat business.

“Amplitude excels in delivering actionable insights with its robust tracking capabilities and customizable dashboards. The ability to measure user engagement across various touchpoints and optimize user journeys is a game-changer for our business,” says small business user Angel V.

2. Measure ROI and improve marketing campaign performance

Amplitude's behavioral analytics provide in-depth insights into the performance of HubSpot campaigns. You have the option to set up a conversion funnel to analyze data differently or switch between segmentation and funnel views for the same data points, customizing analytics based on various metrics. Visualize the user journey to understand their conversion paths and segment users into cohorts for insights on conversions and non-conversions. Explore user behaviors impacting growth and churn at each funnel stage.

Amplitude imports data from HubSpot marketing events for deeper behavioral analysis

Amplitude imports data from HubSpot marketing events for deeper behavioral analysis

The product managers at ACKO, a health insurance company, leveraged various attribution windows in Amplitude to analyze viewer interactions with a discount-offering video. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that the discount actually boosted conversions, contrary to their revenue concerns.

Enhanced tracking elevates performance accuracy and marketing ROI measurement. A seamless data flow provides real-time access to the latest information, facilitating well-informed decision-making.

“Having holistic insights of our customers—easily shareable on tap across the org—has helped shape how we build product-led roadmaps, enabling us to creatively excel in a challenging and regulated consumer market,” says ACKO’s Product Manager, Agastya Sanjai.

3. Stream events from Amplitude to HubSpot to optimize workflows

With just a few clicks, you can send your Amplitude events and their associated properties directly into HubSpot. This real-time data transfer ensures all your teams have the latest information to make more strategic marketing, product design, and customer service decisions. It also means you can close deals faster and run as many experiments as necessary to refine workflows and the overall customer experience.

Rocket Money used the Amplitude app for HubSpot to identify the most effective aspects of various journeys and combine them into a single customer journey all web users could follow.

“Tons of our users go down the road less traveled,” says Jake Heller, Product Manager at Rocket Money. “And it is rocky and steep, and not the experience we want for our users.” Amplitude helped the Rocket Money team identify the percent of their population that was “going left instead of right” so they could prioritize accordingly.

Amplitude event data automatically flows into HubSpot custom behavioral events.

Amplitude event data automatically flows into HubSpot custom behavioral events.

Amplitude event data automatically flows into HubSpot custom behavioral events.

The Amplitude app for HubSpot is an analytics tool everyone can use

Discover the Amplitude app for HubSpot and unleash the power of behavioral cohorts to supercharge your marketing, sales, product management, and customer service teams. Equip them with self-service data and insights to elevate your products and scale your business. Dive into HubSpot’s Essential Apps for Customer Service to revolutionize audience engagement and discover smarter ways to connect.

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Jason Recacho headshot
Jason Recacho
Principal Partner Marketing Manager, Amplitude
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