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How is Giving its Product Managers More Independence

Every day, thousands of people around the world visit to do a simple act that has the possibility to change the world: sign their name or start a petition. Anyone can come to to start a digital petition and use the platform’s reach of 100 million users to garner support and signatures. A privately owned company based in San Francisco, Change. org’s 200+ employees in 18 offices around the world are working to connect people across geographic and cultural borders to support causes they care about.

Access to reliable product analytics is an important part of this mission. In 2016, Change. org made the switch to Amplitude for product analytics in order to make data more widely available and digestible to their global teams. Even in the early stages of adoption, the team says “the impact has been huge.”

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Yellow Pages is Undergoing a Digital Transformation

As a 100 year old company, how do you reinvent and transform yourself to stay relevant in the digital world? Yellow Pages (YP) has been answering this for years. The company that was once synonymous with print directories is now much, much more than that. Visit and you’ll see a sleek search bar, colorful buttons to download a Yellow Pages-built dining, shopping or real estate app. You’ll see the result of their complete digital transformation.

But that’s just the front-end.

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Meet the product team that’s using data to shake up apps for kids

Remember the days when online gaming consisted of terrible design and graphics with heavily pixelated characters? Thankfully, technology has improved and those days are behind us.

Launched in 2012, Tinybop is part of a growing market of educational apps for kids. In an age where tech rules, they’ve adapted to the changing landscape to accommodate how children learn and play. Their slogan says it all: Toys for Tomorrow. Continue reading

Amplifying Global Change With the Slack/Amplitude Integration

How uses Slack’s integration with Amplitude to understand global trends and increase data literacy

Today, we’re excited to announce Amplitude’s integration with Slack Enterprise Grid, enabling teams to communicate and collaborate better with data. Learn how the team at, the world’s platform for petition starters and supporters, is using the Slack/Amplitude integration to increase data visibility and make better business decisions.

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How Avito Uses Amplitude to Access and Learn from User Behavior Data

Avito, located in Morocco, has a website and mobile app for posting classified ads, enabling people to buy and sell online—anything from electronics, to cars, to houses. Avito is part of Schibsted, an international media group with employees in over 30 countries aiming to be a global leader in online marketplaces, growth, and media.

Avito was seeing sustained growth and engagement, but Youssef El Ghourfi, Avito’s growth manager, had a problem: it was difficult to answer questions about their users. Even simple questions, like “which category is the most active in our app?” took 1–2 weeks to answer.

Any product manager or marketer with a question had to send a request to the data team and then wait for queries to be written, data collection, and QA before getting an answer. Youssef thought it should be much simpler—anyone at Avito should be able to look up data and get answers themselves.

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How Amplitude Helps LogMeIn Iterate Faster and Focus on Driving Company Growth

LogMeIn is a cloud software company that simplifies how people connect to each other and the world around them. With millions of users worldwide, their products include LastPass®, a password-management solution for individuals and businesses; traditional remote access solutions, LogMeIn Pro™ and LogMeIn Central™;®, a popular online collaboration tool; and customer engagement tools, BoldChat® and LogMeIn Rescue®.

Mike Murray was brought onto the LogMeIn team to manage product analytics for LastPass, LogMeIn Pro and Central. As a Business Intelligence Systems Analyst focusing on growth, his job is to standardize tracking and make sure the team is effectively leveraging data in the right places. To save the company time and resources, Mike recommended LogMeIn use a third-party analytics tool that would make it easy to keep track of product usage and engagement metrics.

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