Growth Pros Personalize Faster With Amplitude and Contentful

Unlock no-code experiments with our new Contentful integration and build better web experiences with ease

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June 13, 2024
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Phil Burch
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Learn how Amplitude’s new Contentful integration unlocks no-code experiments to build better web experiences without engineering support

With targets increasing and budgets shrinking, marketers and growth pros like you know they need to look beyond acquisition funnels and start to understand how to drive higher engagement and reduce churn to meet and exceed their goals. But, you need more capabilities and more visibility across the customer journey to turn this into a reality.

To truly engage and retain customers, you need to deliver personalized experiences that meet your customers in the moment and keep them coming back for more. But all too often your disparate tech stacks are slowing you down and forcing you to guess about what is working and what isn’t.

You need extensible, cutting-edge tools to ensure every one of your web experiences exceeds your customer’s expectations. You need to connect and unify customer insights no matter where they are so your teams can activate these insights to deliver better user experiences.

That’s why we are so excited to announce our brand new integration to Contentful, the market-leading composable content platform. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to building an open and flexible platform to unlock more customer value.

Seamlessly deliver and optimize content-driven experiences

By integrating Amplitude Experiment with Contentful, teams can now run no-code A/B tests on key web experiences like messaging, page layout, and more—without needing to ask engineering teams for help.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once the app is configured in Contentful, simply design your experiment in Amplitude.
  2. Build your variants using the content you already have in Contentful.
  3. After the test is completed, analyze your results in Amplitude.
  4. Roll out the winner based on Amplitude’s recommendations.
  5. Start building your next experiment.

Faster time to value with no-code experimentation

By reducing engineering’s workload, growth, and marketing teams can innovate and design the best experiences with ease.

With Amplitude Experiment, teams get the guidance they need to set up tests accurately. In Contentful, they can build their new messaging and page layouts in a few simple clicks. Unlocking no-code experimentation means teams can drive growth and ROI faster by executing more tests and directly impacting acquisition, monetization, and retention.

Build world-class omnichannel experiences powered by customer data

With Contentful, growth teams have access to all of their content so they can easily build variants for their tests. This also makes it easy to organize and reuse content, which means they have an endless number of possibilities for each test variant.

Optimize experiences to deliver personalization

With access to self-serve insights and no-code A/B testing, teams can dig deeper into key cohorts and user journeys to find new experiences to optimize.

Teams can quickly uncover: which messages are resonating, what landing pages are converting, how well CTAs are promoting the right action, and which page layouts provide the best experience for users. This creates new paths and opportunities for growth teams to personalize experiences and beat their targets.

Interested in using Contentful and Amplitude to easily build impactful web experiments without help from engineering? Check out our Marketplace listing and read our documentation.

About the Author
Image of Phil Burch
Phil Burch
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Phil Burch is a Group Product Marketing Manager for Amplitude Experiment. Phil previously held roles across the customer lifecycle including account management, solutions consulting, and product onboarding before moving into product marketing roles at Sysomos, Hearsay Systems, and