The Pioneer Awards Are Back

Another year to celebrate our customer “pioneers” and their accomplishments

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February 10, 2022
Image of Aly McGue
Aly McGue
Former Customer Advocacy Director, Amplitude
Pioneer Awards

For the second year in a row, the Amplitude Pioneer Awards are now open for submissions. These awards celebrate Amplitude customers, the pioneers using data to build great product experiences faster.

How can you spot a pioneer of digital products? These customers build with data and foster a culture where teams can access actionable digital insights to make decisions. They build fast, experiment, test, learn, iterate and grow. At the heart, these customers base everything they do in a deep understanding of customer needs—and are using Amplitude to know their customers, keep their customers, and grow their customers.

To celebrate these customers, the Pioneer Awards offer a platform for their essential ideas and a forum for inspiring others. Starting today, you can nominate your team in any of our seven categories:

The Data Culture Award: This award is for leaders who led the transformation to a customer-first, data-driven culture. This pioneer unlocks data and insights to unblock their teams and allow more people to access data and analytics in their everyday work. They have helped cross-functional teams go from qualitative to quantitative decisions, and created an environment where teams across the data literacy spectrum feel autonomous, safe, and enabled.

The Growth Architect Award: This award recognizes leaders or teams who empower data-driven decisions by providing their organization with complete, trustworthy, and actionable data throughout their technology stack. This pioneer leads the architects—the engineers, data scientists, analytics leaders—that design and instrument the ecosystem that accelerates innovation and brings teams closer to customers through data.

The Product Innovation Award: This award honors the person who has used their deep understanding of customers to build and introduce a new, cutting-edge product, feature, or experience. This winner continues to drive innovative launches that delight customers and blow away the competition.

The Customer Impact Award: This award celebrates the leader with a product experience that has driven big outcomes and value for their business and their customers. This winner is a customer fan favorite who used Amplitude data to personalize customer experiences, leading to customer love, adoption and engagement. The winner of this award can point to data proving their products’ impact.

The Marketing Insight Award: This category honors a “customer-first” marketer who found game-changing insights to drive significant business impact. This winner uses data to improve their marketing KPIs.

The Product-led Award: This honoree is a natural-born tinkerer who has paved the way with product-led growth. This winner can show tangible examples of having a data-driven product strategy.

Pioneer of the Year Award: Our most prestigious award, given to three leaders around the world. These winners led their organizations to do more with data. These winners thrive on creating strategic business value for their customers. These winners can show tangible examples of their organizations’ ability to unlock insights, build winner products faster, and drive value for their own organization and for the customer.

The winners of the Pioneers Awards will be announced in May at Amplify, the #1 product and growth conference. We encourage everyone to nominate their teams for these awards! We want to hear about the outstanding work that you and your colleagues do. There are exciting prizes at stake—including free tickets to the Amplify and speaking opportunities at other notable events—so be sure to learn more and apply.

Good luck!

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About the Author
Image of Aly McGue
Aly McGue
Former Customer Advocacy Director, Amplitude
Aly McGue is the Customer Advocacy Director at Amplitude. She focuses on building and nurturing strong Amplitude advocates and bringing their stories to life.