Grow Your Website with Confidence: Introducing the Amplitude for WordPress Plugin

Use data-driven insights to build amazing web experiences with our one-click Amplitude for WordPress plugin.

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May 29, 2024
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Weston Clarke
Principal Product Manager, Amplitude
Amplitude for Wordpress

Every company building a website wants to better understand its customers—their preferences, behaviors, and journeys—in order to influence website decisions that lead to better business outcomes. But that requires easy access to your customer data, finding clear insights, and harnessing them to build delightful experiences that bring customers back again and again.

At Amplitude, we’re committed to making it easy for teams to build world-class digital experiences. Today, we’re excited to introduce the Amplitude for WordPress plugin, an essential tool designed to empower every WordPress user to grow their website using web analytics data in Amplitude. This free, one-click plugin simplifies data analysis without the need for an analyst or developer, enabling you to make faster data-driven decisions about your website. Whether you're looking to improve your digital experience, increase conversions, or boost engagement, our plugin provides the data and insights for you to reach your business goals.

Get started in minutes—no developer required

The Amplitude for WordPress plugin easily connects your WordPress site to our Digital Analytics Platform. With our one-click installation, send your website data to Amplitude without touching a single line of code. You’ll gain immediate access to real-time analytics on user behavior, conversion rates, engagement, and your top-performing channels, campaigns, and pages. Use these automated insights to better understand the impact of web performance on your business and make data-driven decisions about how to improve. The cherry on top? We make it easy for teams to get started and share out-of-the-box insights through our built-in starter templates and collaboration tools.

Unlock powerful features to drive growth

Go beyond basic web analytics and engage your customers with powerful features to boost your bottom line.

  • Web analytics: Access performance insights across your channels, campaigns, and pages.
  • Session Replay: Visualize user interactions on your site with Session Replay, merging quantitative data with qualitative insights.
  • Campaign reporting: Understand how your campaigns are driving website conversions.
  • Audience engagement: Build audience lists based on web visitor behaviors and track campaign performance.

Accomplish more with Amplitude

The Amplitude for WordPress plugin is perfect for small businesses and startups eager to connect their WordPress site with industry-leading analytics. If you are transitioning from Google Analytics or simply looking for a more intuitive and powerful analytics solution, Amplitude provides the tools and insights necessary to grow your business in a number of ways:

  • Run better campaigns: Digital marketers can track campaign performance across different channels to connect marketing spend with website engagement and conversion outcomes.
  • Improve user experience: Growth teams can quickly implement web-based A/B testing with minimal effort to experiment with different landing page designs, calls to action, and content layouts that enhance user experience and retention.
  • Optimized for revenue: E-commerce teams can track customer journeys, understand purchase behaviors, and improve conversion rates through funnel analysis and split URL testing for product pages.

Join thousands of businesses—including PayPal, eBay, Dropbox and Coursera—that use Amplitude to harness the power of their customer data. As Anish Jariwala from Coursera puts it, “The power of Amplitude is the ability to answer one question, which leads to another question, which leads to more questions. Within moments, marketers can make this self-serve journey and find the direction they should take.”

Build a world-class experience today

Experience the future of web analytics with the Amplitude for WordPress plugin. Learn more about our features, installation process, and how to get started here. For detailed guides on using Amplitude, check out our Help Center, or visit Amplitude Academy to become an expert in no time.

Ready to transform your WordPress website? Install the Amplitude for WordPress plugin today and turn data into growth.

About the Author
picture of weston
Weston Clarke
Principal Product Manager, Amplitude
Weston is a product manager at Amplitude with a background in computer science, consulting, and product. He started his career in digital strategy consulting at Accenture, helped build UberEats in its early days, launched buy-side revenue products at Redfin, and most recently, is defining the digital analytics category at Amplitude. In his free time, you can find Weston cycling, skiing, and getting involved in SF's startup community.

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