The Eight Aha! Analytics Moments That Drove Millions in Revenue and Double-Digit Retention Growth

Eight Amplitude Customers Share Their Stories of Digital Analytics Impact

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June 13, 2023
Image of Aly McGue
Aly McGue
Former Customer Advocacy Director, Amplitude
Aha campaign customers

What starts as a simple moment of discovery can change everything—just ask our customers! Today, we’re launching a new series showcasing eight product, marketing, and data leaders that have found game-changing insights through Amplitude. Each week for the next eight weeks, we’ll highlight how these customers leverage data insights to create value for their customers and unlock revenue for their businesses.

Learn from the best on how to answer strategic business questions such as:

  • Where in the purchase journey do users experience friction?
  • What critical errors have the highest impact and which should we prioritize first?
  • Which features increase new customer retention?

These insights have driven millions of dollars in additional revenue, increased customer activation rates by double-digits, and fundamentally changed how products are built.

What ideas will their stories spark for you?

You’ll hear from customers including:

  • Fender, who noticed a drop off of customers in the early stages of learning guitar on its app, Fender Play. Fender figured out that users retained longer when the app brought them right into a song, so they A/B tested the feature and saw a clear winner with 4%+ lift in user engagement at every step.
  • Backstage, who found that web subscribers submit more applications after downloading the Backstage iOS app. This is a critical insight as their growth loop depends on talent receiving the right job opportunities and applying to them. Prior to uncovering this, they considered themselves a web-first application. With Amplitude, the team saw the benefit of promoting the iOS app through in-product messaging and renewed their investment to improve iOS user experience. They saw significant iOS user growth, leading to better engagement from users and a 40% increase in application submissions.

Curious how these folks are making these incredible product changes? We were too.

We also sat down with customer champions from Dropbox, Coursera, Funcraft, SimpliSafe, and Nautilus—all who have impacted their product strategy and roadmap with insights found in Amplitude—to learn more about the steps they took to achieve these successes. And we’re sharing this knowledge with you!

From household names to scrappy startups, we’re bringing you quick, digestible stories to spark your own aha moment, moving your team—and your product—forward.

About the Author
Image of Aly McGue
Aly McGue
Former Customer Advocacy Director, Amplitude
Aly McGue is the Customer Advocacy Director at Amplitude. She focuses on building and nurturing strong Amplitude advocates and bringing their stories to life.