7 Reasons Why I’m Amped to Attend Amplify 2022

The world’s leading product and growth experts are coming to Vegas, May 24-26

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April 6, 2022
Image of Elena Verna
Elena Verna
Former Head of Growth, Amplitude
7 Reasons Why I’m Amped to Attend Amplify 2022

Are in-person conferences making a comeback? I think so, but let’s test this theory—in Vegas! I’ve built a career helping companies scale product-led growth and my goal is to share as much as possible with you so you don’t have to start from scratch. At this year’s Amplify conference, I’ll be doing a session with Adam Fishman, “How to Win at Blackjack and Other Growth Things.” Just kidding! Actually, we will be dishing out Reforge-powered growth frameworks with examples from our experiences across companies like Amplitude, Patreon, Miro, Imperfect Foods, Krisp, SurveyMonkey, and many more! #LetsGrowTogether

So here’s my biggest tip for product growth in 2022: Come to Amplify 2022, May 24-26 at the ARIA in Las Vegas.

And if you need more convincing, here are seven reasons why you should register for Amplify 2022

1. Get amped for iconic speakers

Meet the best, most inspiring leaders in the product and growth world: Melissa Perri, Kyle Poyar, Blake Bartlett, Adam Fishman, Crystal Widjaja, and John Cutler. This list is absolutely spectacular. I admire, follow, and continuously learn from them myself. So to have them all in one place, ready to share, is a rare opportunity.

2. Get amped for fresh ideas

Gain pragmatic insights that you can go back and apply immediately with your teams. Along with listening to towering keynote speakers, I can’t wait to talk shop with my fellow growth leaders and share my stories, benchmarks, and insights I’ve gained throughout my career.

3. Get amped for my session

I have a confession to make—I’m a Reforge fanatic. I always think about how to create a framework or a loop out of everything around me and tell the world about it. I’ve joined Brian Balfour on a rampage against funnels. (If you want to see me angry, I dare you to advocate for a funnel). So to bring Reforge magic to life, I’m partnering with Adam Fishman (EIR @ Reforge, ex-Patreon, ex-Imperfect Foods) to do a session on Growth Frameworks, Reforge style. He will masterfully go through Reforge fundamentals and I will tell stories about how it works (or doesn’t) in practice across companies I’ve been involved with. You won’t want to miss this.

4. Get amped for one-on-ones

Bring me your burning product and growth questions. I’ll be stationed on the Expo floor during breaks and lunches to share my advice and insights.

But wait, there is more! Want a one-on-one 20-min advising session with me? Sign up here and the first five registrants will get dedicated time to ask any of your burning growth questions.

5. Get amped for immersion

Experience hands-on interaction and learning. Options abound, from the Amplitude Arcade, to question storming with John Cutler, to product demos on the Expo floor from key companies in your tech stack like Amplitude, Braze, Radar, Iterable, and AppsFlyer. You’ll have a whirlwind of opportunities to amp up your knowledge.

6. Get amped to connect

Take this unique opportunity to network with your peers. Here’s your chance to meet the people that make growth happen across a variety of roles and learn what they do to be successful: not just product leaders, but also C-suite, data scientists, growth leaders, analytics experts, digital executives, and designers.

7. Get amped for fun

Ready to get back to connecting in person and having a great time? Amplify 2022 will be hosted at the ARIA, an incredible venue for networking breaks, lunches, making connections, and attending a memorable party when the work is done.

Amplify 2022 is a seismic opportunity that will spark actionable knowledge, insights, and connections, and position your product for off-the-charts growth. I look forward to meeting you soon and encourage you to register now–early bird pricing ends April 15.

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Image of Elena Verna
Elena Verna
Former Head of Growth, Amplitude
Elena is the former Head of Growth at Amplitude, and Growth Advisor to companies including Krisp, MongoDB, and Maze, and a Board Member at Netlify. She is also a former CMO & Advisor at Miro, SVP for Product & Growth at Malwarebytes, and SVP at SurveyMonkey. Elena has a breadth of experience in PLG models for B2B companies.