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New partnerships and integrations make it easier for you to unify customer data, activate engaging experiences across more channels, and maximize ROI.

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June 12, 2024
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
New integrations make it easier to activate engaging experiences across more channels, unify customer data across clouds and data warehouses, and maximize ROI.

Are you trying to engage your customers online but don’t have access to the data you need to understand what they are doing? You’re not alone.

Today, product, growth, and marketing teams have big targets to hit, but a lack of access to insights and growing data silos often means they have limited visibility into the customer journey to make decisions.

And this can have serious impacts on business results. After all, unlocking customer insights so teams can build better experiences can lead organizations to drive 2X higher growth than their competitors (according to McKinsey).

So how can organizations get product and marketing teams the insights they need to build better products and experiences?

To start, data teams need to be able to deliver access to trusted customer data no matter where it resides—across all sources, apps, and warehouses. If they can do this well, product, marketing, and growth teams will be able to confidently use these insights to make better decisions.

At Amplitude, we similarly believe that you should be able to unlock and access all of your data and connect to all of your apps to fully drive customer engagement. And, this means you need to be able to connect Amplitude to the full power of your technology stack—with zero vendor lock-in.

That’s why we are so excited to announce a series of new integrations and partnerships with some of the best in the industry. This is just one more step we are taking to enable customers of all sizes to unlock the power of all of their data and activate insights across more channels for amplified business growth.

Let’s dive in.

Deliver engaging experiences across more channels

As product, marketing, and growth teams continue to invest in best-of-breed tools, they need to activate customer data to meet customers in the moment and maximize growth across the full journey.

Our newest integrations extend the value of customer data and make it easy for teams to deliver tested, personalized, and targeted experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Here’s how:

  • Contentful integration: With this new integration, web, marketing, and growth teams can now integrate Contentful with the Amplitude Experiment Contentful App to unlock no-code A/B testing. Simply set-up an experiment in Amplitude based on best practices, build test variants in Contentful with existing content, and then analyze the results in Amplitude. Teams can personalize faster with no code required.
  • HubSpot integration: Marketers can use Amplitude cohorts in new ways to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time with HubSpot. Easily tailor email campaigns for streamlined activation using Amplitude cohorts. And bring HubSpot campaign data into Amplitude for a deeper analysis of campaign performance. Check out this guided tour of the integration below.
  • Movable Ink integration: Personalizing content to improve customer engagement is now easier than ever with Movable Ink. Use this integration to automatically generate and target content with Amplitude’s User Profile API.
  • Humanic integration: With the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI), Humanic takes a different approach to personalization. With Amplitude’s Humanic integration, teams use generative AI to improve product onboarding and help users take the next step based on key milestones of product-led growth.
  • unitQ integration: Bring user feedback from unitQ alongside customer behavioral data to get deeper insights into onboarding, A/B testing, and feature roadmaps with Amplitude’s unitQ integration.
  • WordPress plug-in: Import WordPress directly into Amplitude to easily get started and benefit from Amplitude web analytics in just a few quick clicks.

Connect and unify data across more sources

Amplitude is also making it easy for customers to centralize and leverage customer data across more locations and sources including some of the largest public clouds and data warehouses in the industry.

Here’s what’s new:

Today, Amplitude supports more than 130 data sources to give you even more access, extensibility, and visibility into your customer data.

Together, these integrations and capabilities will help teams simplify data import and export, streamline data governance and safety, and put more self-serve data into the hands of more people across an organization.

For a unified view of all of Amplitude’s supported integrations, be sure to check out our new integrations pages.

Easily integrate with Amplitude to drive more value

Amplitude is also excited to announce our new integration portal. This new portal makes it easy for developers to integrate with Amplitude.

Humanic is one of many partners who have recently worked to take advantage of Amplitude’s integration portal to make their integrated services available to customers.

“Humanic relies on robust data integrations with our analytics platform, and the integration process with Amplitude has been remarkably smooth and efficient,” says Arjun Saksena, Founder and CEO of Humanic.

“We were able to get up and running with Amplitude in less than a week—a testament to their seamless integration capabilities. If you are starting an integration process, start with Amplitude because their commitment to an open ecosystem is going to be a game changer in the industry.”

Last words

Delivering the best digital products and experiences is not easy. But getting it right can make a world of difference to your customers and your business. So, we’re here to make this easier than ever for you. And one of the ways we are committed to doing this is by making it simple to leverage the best of what you have in your tech stack and by seamlessly connecting to all of our data, apps, and best-of-breed tools. Because we know—hands down—that this is the best way to save you time and money and most importantly, grow your business.

Ready to learn more? Check out our integrations page to find out how to extend the value of your customer insights to drive your business forward.

About the Author
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
Courtney Burry is the VP of Product Marketing at Amplitude. Prior to working at Amplitude, she was SVP of Corporate and Product Marketing at Collibra and VP of Product Marketing at VMware. Courtney has 25+ years of marketing experience helping well-known tech brands evolve, grow, and thrive.