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New capabilities from Amplitude make it easier than ever to get insights into how and why customers engage with your site—and how to keep them coming back.

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May 29, 2024
A picture of Rachel Torres, PMM at Amplitude
Rachel Torres
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
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Today, we're excited to announce new ways to help web and growth teams reimagine their website analytics. With the introduction of web analytics space, upleveled session insights, and A/B testing—joining old favorites like Session Replay and audience management—we’re making it easier for growth marketers to build delightful customer experiences across websites, channels, and platforms.

Release highlights

Why reimagine web analytics?

Web analytics and product analytics have been converging for a while. And during this time, the job of marketing has also changed. Marketers traditionally focused on acquisition and growing the top of the funnel as quickly as possible, relying on page- and session-based web analytics to measure their efforts. Meanwhile, product teams prioritized retention and used event-based product analytics to understand user behavior. Now, more marketing teams are partnering with product teams to unite web and product data and build seamless experiences across the entire customer journey.

But it’s not so easy to get event-based product insights in tools originally built for marketers to measure pageviews, sessions, and bounce rates. (Just ask Google Analytics users who went through the recent GA4 forced migration.) That’s why we’ve been very intentional about how we’ve integrated web and product insights into our platform. Marketers can finally access insights in one place with a self-serve platform that’s easy to use and easy to integrate with their existing marketing stack. The best part? Marketers can use these insights to optimize and personalize the digital customer journey, leading to more engaging, profitable experiences that bring customers back again and again.

What’s new

Web analytics space

Let’s be honest. Even though it’s incredibly intuitive to build charts and dashboards in Amplitude, building out the reporting from scratch every time can get tedious if you’re managing a lot of campaigns and channels. Our new web analytics space gives you out-of-the-box web insights across channel, campaign, page, and conversion performance—and connects these insights to outcomes such as user sign-ups, purchases, and free trial conversions. Plus, you can get going with just one line of code using our new browser SDK.

“Amplitude's expansion into marketing analytics is a welcome evolution,” says Ani Lopez, data engineer, strategy and analytics at Unity. “The new web analytics capabilities are more useful and insightful than other tools we've used in the past, giving us all the data we really care about.”

Web analytics space is available to all customers on all plans. Find it listed under Spaces>All Spaces.

Check out this guided tour of web analytics space.

Learn more about web analytics space, or check it out here if you're a current Amplitude customer.

Web experimentation

Marketers have long used A/B testing to try to create personalized experiences—by testing what messages resonate, which calls to action (CTAs) drive the right action, and what landing pages convert. But they waste time waiting on developers and don’t have the right algorithms to maximize conversions. New capabilities from Amplitude make web experimentation faster and easier for marketers with A/B testing that works with their modern stack.

  • Split URL testing: Use redirect tests with any content management system to split traffic across distinct URLs. Test multiple versions of a landing page or product page to evaluate which layout or messaging performs better. Simply integrate our script tag and get going.
  • Multi-armed bandits: A new type of experiment that automatically assigns traffic to the winning variant. This is valuable for conversion rate optimization (CRO) experiments because it enables you to test multiple versions of a landing page. As a winner emerges, traffic will automatically route to the winning variant, helping teams avoid “missing out” on conversions while running experiments.

Split URL testing is rolling out this week in open beta and will be available as part of a free trial. Multi-armed bandits are available to Enterprise Experiment customers.

Upleveled session insights

To get the best view of user behavior and product engagement, it's important to understand the relationships between events, users, and sessions. We've done work under the hood to support in-depth, session-based analyses as part of our event-based tracking model. Our updated session insights can be used across web analytics space, as well as in our user sessions and other charts. Now, teams can:

  • Filter sessions by first property value, last property value, and session duration.
  • Easily use formulas to compute session-related metrics like bounce rate, entry and exit rates, and unique users that performed a session.
  • Analyze sessions by real-time, hourly, and quarterly intervals.

All customers have access to the user sessions chart, and session metrics are available to Growth and Enterprise customers.

Learn more about the user sessions chart.

Grow your business faster with our new capabilities

These new features are even more powerful when used alongside existing Amplitude capabilities loved by marketers, like Session Replay, audience management, campaign reporting, and data tables. With the Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform, you can unify insights across the entire customer journey and empower marketing teams to drive growth. Leading brands use Amplitude to focus on what moves the needle across customer acquisition, retention, and monetization:

  • Acquisition: Gathern reduced customer acquisition costs by 60% with personalized campaigns.
  • Retention: WeMoney increased retention by 20% after revamping its customer journey.
  • Monetization: TicketSwap increased revenue by 10% through reducing its unsold ticket rate.

Here are three ways these new capabilities, along with old favorites, are helping marketers.

Optimize campaigns for your highest-value customers

Every dollar matters, so marketers need to swiftly understand if their tactics are working and where they can improve. In this demo video, you can see how marketers can quickly find an insight about different audiences, use that insight to create a segment for a marketing campaign, sync the segment to different marketing channels, and then monitor the campaign results in web analytics space.

Personalize web experiences

Customers expect seamless, personalized digital experiences. McKinsey found that companies with the fastest rates of revenue growth also tend to prioritize personalization—and that these teams “run hundreds of tests per year, enabled by advanced data analytics and test-and-learn techniques.” That kind of scale is hard to achieve with legacy point solutions that have proven too slow and costly for marketers.

When testing tools are siloed from analytics, teams don’t have the insights they need to improve experiences, track progress in real time, and iterate fast enough. Teams often try to get there by stitching point solutions together with integrations, but these tend to require too much engineering effort. And when teams do find a winning new message, landing page, or design, they often have to wait for developers to roll it out.

With Amplitude’s all-in-one platform, marketers get the best of all worlds. They can use quantitative and qualitative insights to uncover where customers are getting stuck, then iterate on the customer experience with just a few clicks. That’s exactly what the team at Evaneos did, using insights from Analytics and Session Replay to hypothesize that cultural differences were causing a lower conversion rate in a regional market. They then ran an A/B test to determine whether targeted copy would resonate better with the audience. It did—so much so that their CTA clickthrough rate increased 2X, boosting conversions by 20%.

“Amplitude enables us to discover, analyze, and experiment, and the fact that we can do it all in one platform is the best thing for everyone on the team.”

—Marion Felder, Product Analyst, Evaneos

Break down silos with product teams

Amplitude product evangelist, Adam Greco champions collaboration between product and marketing teams. He observes, “As more and more businesses digitally transform, it is often the digital experience that determines whether customers will select and become loyal to your product. Customers don’t care about your corporate org chart. They don’t care that product and marketing are on different teams. They simply want a good experience from beginning to end.”

It’s not easy to break down silos between product and marketing teams, but Amplitude’s combined web and product insights and built-in collaboration tools are essential for collaboration. As Candas Demir, head of digital and performance marketing at TicketSwap, says, “[Amplitude] increases collaboration company-wide. When two people from different departments can see the same data, it creates conversations about new strategies . . . that improve customer outcomes and increase our bottom line.”

Jules Lee, principal product researcher at Amplitude, agrees. In speaking of Session Replay, she says, “It empowered our product, design, and growth marketing teams to learn and pivot quickly, be confident in our product decisions, and elevate the customer experience. By combining qualitative insights with quantitative data, we could explore the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ making informed product decisions that saved us time and resources.”

Accelerate your path to growth

It’s mission-critical for marketers to deliver seamless, personalized digital experiences. These new capabilities make it easier than ever for marketers to understand how their websites fit into the overall customer journey and take action on those insights to deliver better business outcomes that keep customers coming back.

Interested in trying Amplitude for yourself? Get started for free.

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A picture of Rachel Torres, PMM at Amplitude
Rachel Torres
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Rachel Torres is a product marketing manager at Amplitude, focusing on go-to-market solutions for enterprise customers. Before Amplitude, she served as a strategic marketing consultant to early-stage startups, including DataGrail, ConductorOne, and Elevate Security. In her free time, she enjoys ballet, Beyoncé, and library books.

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