Behavioral Cohort Analysis

“The behavioral cohorting that Amplitude offers is really powerful and we utilize it heavily at QuizUp. It’s something I haven’t seen in any other analytics tool we’ve used." Jon Edvald, Head of Data Science, QuizUp

Measure the impact of different behaviors

Segmenting users by demographics or cohorting them by their start date is useful, but it doesn’t get to the core question of what those users are doing in your app or website. To get a deeper understanding of your users and how they interact with your product, you need to analyze users based on their behaviors.

What is behavioral cohort analysis?

Behavioral cohort analysis allows you to define a group of users based on actions they have or have not taken in your product. Apply your cohorts throughout other charts to investigate how different behaviors impact retention and churn, funnel conversion rates, revenue, and more.

Download the definitive guide to behavioral cohorting

Quickly test your hypotheses

Our cohort analysis tools allow you to easily create customized behavioral cohorts to test your hypotheses. Do you think certain actions might be important for new user retention? Define your cohorts and immediately compare how different behaviors impact retention.

Powerful Analysis Without SQL

Amplitude's cohort analysis software makes cohorting available through a simple point-and-click interface, so anyone in the company can understand user behavior.

Enable Rapid Product Iteration

Shorter time to insights enables you to quickly make product decisions based on your data. In today's competitive environment, speed is everything.

Save Time on Manual Analysis

Previously, behavioral cohort analytics required manual analysis on raw data. Now you can do several weeks worth of analysis in minutes without requiring data scientists or running code!

How to Do Cohort Analysis:
Download the Definitive Guide to Behavioral Cohorting