Delivering Flexibility And Choice With Amplitude + Snowflake Datashare

Learn more about the Amplitude’s expanded options for secure, cross-platform access to customer and product insights with support for Snowflake Data Share

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June 14, 2022
Image of Pragnya Paramita
Pragnya Paramita
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Delivering Flexibility And Choice With Amplitude + Snowflake Datashare

At Amplify, we were excited to announce that Amplitude and Snowflake have partnered to build seamless data-sharing capabilities that allow organizations to collect, process, and get value from their product data. This week, as our friends at Snowflake head into Snowflake Summit 2022, we want to share more details about this partnership.

Since our original announcement of Amplitude’s Snowflake bi-directional integration last year, we have focused on enhancing the integration to enable expanded use cases for customers to drive product strategy with business data. Customers such as Thrive Market, ZoomInfo, and DataRobot are among 100+ joint customers who have benefited from this integration. They have been able to break down data silos to deliver rich self-serve insights to a variety of internal stakeholders and democratize data by supporting flexible ways to ensure that teams building digital products and enabling the digital customer journey have access to behavioral insights.

Building upon Snowflake and Amplitude’s bi-directional integration, customers such as Square and Substack gain flexibility on the best way to manage their data. Not only can Amplitude customers ingest data from Snowflake, but they export enriched, unified customer profiles from Amplitude back into their data warehouse.

With new data-sharing integration, Snowflake customers will have the flexibility to unlock actionable insights into customer behaviors and product experiences within Amplitude, without exporting data and creating multiple copies from their Snowflake instance.

Understanding Snowflake Data Share

Let’s understand how paid customers use Data share today. As third-party cookies phase-out, organizations are looking at how they can leverage first-party data to better understand customers’ online behaviors. Now when their marketing teams want to do targeted campaigns and personalization, they can benefit from Amplitude’s automated user identity resolution to connect customer profiles with other behavioral data sources, utilize out-of-the-box reporting to analyze customer behavior, and easily share these learnings through built-in storytelling.

However, traditionally for these teams to leverage Amplitude data with resolved user identities they would incur the risks and headaches from traditional sharing methods of extract, transform, load (ETL), and data pipeline maintenance costs. For every time business, users wanted to query new customer data they would need to copy, transform, and move data. All of this would lead to additional time-to-insight and higher operational costs.

With Snowflake for Data sharing, customers such as SOFI now share chosen database items from one or more databases, with other Snowflake accounts and vice-versa. Sharing data does not copy or transfer data between accounts – all sharing is accomplished through Snowflake’s unique services layer and metadata store.

Let’s walk through what Data sharing can look like for Amplitude customers using this sample architecture for a fictional customer, Acme:

Technical architecture
  • Acme unifies all behavioral data across the digital customer journey in Amplitude – from their app, website, and customer data collected by their point-of-sale system and stored in Snowflake.
  • Amplitude automatically stitches together—both anonymous and known users—into a single profile of all user attributes and behaviors through its unique identity resolution capabilities.
  • This user profile data from Amplitude, with resolved identities, can now be shared by Amplitude into Acme’s Snowflake cluster.
  • Acme is now able to make this Snowflake cluster available to internal stakeholders, who can query this behavioral data in conjunction with operational data for further analysis in the tools of their choice

With an emphasis on choice, organizations can now leverage Amplitude’s Reverse ETL integration with Snowflake to further enrich or add to the data in Amplitude, as well as bring this data back to their’ Snowflake instance via Amplitude’s data sharing workflow.

Enable Your Tech Stack To Drive Actions

The announcement at Amplify highlighted Amplitude’s support for exporting Amplitude data and making it available via Snowflake’s Data share without having to rely on traditional methods, such as ETL or APIs. With this ability, organizations are able to reduce data latency and leverage more accurate insights to power their businesses in near real-time and make Amplitude enriched data available for data investigation. Soon, we also plan to enable customers to ingest from Data shares they make available to Amplitude – more to come here!

Today, Amplitude is able to support customer needs for data for joint Snowflake customers that operate in the US-West region. Over the coming months, as part of the Amplitude – Snowflake product team collaboration, we are looking to support operations in the US-East region, Europe, and beyond.

Choose Your Snowflake Adventure with Amplitude

We are excited to hear about the buzz this partnership has generated and help organizations better understand what their customers do, and where they do it and have better insights about how products can improve that behavior. Our goal is to give customers choice in how they bring data into and export data out from Amplitude in a way that is most convenient for their business.

Additional use cases that we are hearing from our customers include:

  • Eliminate internal data silos: Creating a single source of truth for all internal data and sharing it with internal data consumers across many business units within a single organization.
  • Monetize Product Data: Providing direct access to specific behavioral product data sets as a monetized service for data consumers to augment their existing data.
  • Collaborate with external partners: Eliminating friction in sharing business data with external business partners to optimize spending, provide superior customer service, and streamline operations.

If you are interested in exploring the Data share capabilities and are attending the Snowflake Summit (in person or virtually), sign up to hear Justin Bauer, Chief Product Officer at Amplitude discuss more about Snowflake Data share today. Or stop by our booth (#907) for a demo and the chance to win a year-long subscription to Freshly! Not at the Summit but interested in Data share? Reach out to your Account team at Amplitude to learn more.

Learn more about enabling Amplitude – Snowflake Data share in US West or US East by requesting a custom Amplitude – Snowflake demo today!

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Image of Pragnya Paramita
Pragnya Paramita
Group Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude
Pragnya is a Group Product Marketing Manager at Amplitude. Here she leads the go-to-market efforts for data management products. A graduate of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, she is passionate about working at the intersection of business and technology and when time allows, cooking up a storm with cuisines from all over the world.

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