“Using Compass, we found that new users who started using social features within the first seven days have 60% higher retention.” Jon Edvald, Head of Data Science, QuizUp

Your guide to driving retention

Retention is critical to the survival of every business—without a solid retention strategy, you’re throwing money away on user acquisition.

Compass scans through all of your user data and reveals which behaviors lead your users to stick around long-term. Understanding these behaviors is the key to improving your product & driving sustainable growth.

Discover behaviors that drive retention

Find key behaviors that are predictive of retention and use those insights to build a stellar product experience. Compass makes it possible for you to easily discover your own ‘a-ha’ moments.

Focus your retention efforts

Compass surfaces the best leading indicators of retention, helping you prioritize and focus on the behaviors that will have the biggest impact.

Learn how QuizUp discovered a 60% lift in retention with Compass.

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Solve your core retention problem

Get insights that help you build a better product—one that provides value to your users. That’s what keeps users coming back.

Be confident in your decisions

Every business is different, and no one has more context than you into your product and your users. Based on proven statistical methods, Compass gives you all the information you need to make the best decision for your product.

Customer Story

How QuizUp discovered a 60% lift in new user retention

Popular trivia app QuizUp wanted to improve their long-term user retention, but they weren’t sure where to start. Using Compass, they found that people who used QuizUp’s social features within their first week retained 60% better than users who did not.