“With Microscope, I can click on any point in a chart and just say, ‘Create a cohort of everyone who did that.’ That’s amazing.” Zouhair Belkoura, CEO & Co-founder, KeepSafe

Zoom into any data point

Ever wish you could click on a spike in activity to dig into the details? Microscope enables you to explore the user behavior data behind your graphs. Simply click on any data point to zoom in and see the users and actions that make up that point.

Study engaged vs. churned users

At any step in a funnel, see what users who dropped off did instead. Microscope makes it easy to determine the differences between users who churned and those who stayed.

Create a cohort from a data point

Click to create a custom cohort, then apply it across the Amplitude dashboards to further investigate those users and their behaviors. You can also send your Microscope cohorts straight to one of our mobile marketing partners as a custom target audience.

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