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Amplitude Plus is a new low-cost bundle that is designed to enable organizations of all sizes to build better digital experiences with the power of Amplitude CDP.

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October 23, 2023
Sean Kilcullen
Group Product Manager, Amplitude
Connect your data stack

Customer data is one of the most important assets any company holds. It can help teams understand key trends and customer behavior and stay one step ahead of the competition. But for any company, customer data has grown exponentially, regulations have increased, data infrastructure costs have risen, and data is now sitting across more silos than ever. This has made it virtually impossible for teams to get the most value from their data.

Amplitude CDP—now available in Amplitude Plus

Amplitude is here to change that. We introduced our customer data platform (CDP) just over a year ago to put trusted data and rich behavioral insights into the hands of all users so they can easily personalize customer engagement and increase ROI on marketing campaigns.

Our mission is to make data less costly while making it more scalable and accessible. We are excited to offer startups and smaller teams the opportunity to unlock the full power of Amplitude with CDP capabilities included in our new Amplitude Plus plan.

Amplitude Plus is a new low-cost bundle designed to enable organizations to build better digital experiences without settling for less. Why should large enterprises with big budgets be the only ones that can afford a truly end-to-end digital analytics solution? With this new plan, we’ve made CDP capabilities available to teams and companies of any size with key features that will put them on the path to getting more from their data.

Trusted data

Amplitude’s CDP is designed to provide organizations with an extensible platform to import and export their data with built-in reliability, governance, and security. With more than 120 turnkey integrations and an expansive set of SDKs and APIs, Amplitude’s CDP makes it easy for data teams to centralize trusted data that marketing and product teams can find, understand, and confidently access and use.

Clearer insights and a single view of your users

Amplitude’s CDP also makes it easy to get a unified view of your customers via identity resolution to equip your teams to make better decisions. We remove the guesswork when it comes to customer profiles, by providing teams with the ability to map all behaviors and identifiers to a single user ID. Amplitude even resolves anonymous and known user IDs in real time to ensure all customer profiles are identified, up-to-date, and complete.

Privacy by design

And we make it easy to comply with local regulations and privacy standards with a CDP solution that includes privacy by design. With Amplitude, organizations can have full control over the data they collect and how it is shared. We’ve built our digital analytics platform and CDP with privacy in mind to equip you to meet the compliance mandates that impact your business.

Personalization made easy

Unlike other CDPs, Amplitude’s CDP is also uniquely positioned to give you deeper and richer customer insights, including what they love, what makes them leave, and what keeps them coming back for more. What’s more, our CDP allows teams to have one place to analyze these rich insights and easily segment users, create hyper-personalized audiences, predict outcomes, test hypotheses, and personalize how they engage these users across every touchpoint to maximize impact.

With Amplitude, PMs, marketers, data engineers, and analysts can not only understand behavioral insights, they can also orchestrate how customers are engaged across channels and platforms so they keep coming back. We make integrating with top industry-leading tools easy so you can activate your audiences, drive campaigns, and maximize user lifetime value.

“Amplitude Audiences (part of CDP) transforms the black box of machine learning into an intuitive tool that provides real-time, actionable analytics that power product and marketing decisions.”

Patrick Gordon, Principal Product Manager, Jumbo

Spend less without settling for less

And now with Plus, all teams—big and small, across every growth stage of the business—can use the power of Amplitude’s CDP to ingest trusted data, discover new cohorts, and sync audiences more effectively. With Plus, teams can now enjoy unlimited manual and scheduled hourly and daily syncs. And, there is no cap on the number of sources or destinations, so teams can freely sync audiences to unlimited places as needed. All without paying for the same data, twice.

Get started today with Amplitude Plus. Spend less—don’t settle for less, and start your journey to unlocking all that Amplitude has to offer.

Check out our upcoming live demo of Plus in action! See how you can measure and improve acquisition, retention, and monetization with Amplitude.

About the Author
Sean Kilcullen
Group Product Manager, Amplitude
Sean Kilcullen is a Group Product Manager working on Amplitude's CDP product. Previously he was Head of Product at Quantcast building their self-serve DSP, Q for Marketers, where he took the platform from alpha to a millions of dollars in annual campaign spend. He lives and works in New York City.