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Customer success that goes above and beyond for growing companies and teams

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February 28, 2022
Image of Craig Vincent
Craig Vincent
Head of Global Success Programs, Customer Success, Amplitude
Digital Customer Success Center

It’s an all too familiar scenario. SaaS companies lavish resources to support their enterprise customers while offering emerging companies a much different treatment, perhaps a weekly email or generic content generated with little regard for how you’re using their product or what your business goals might be.

But Amplitude is flipping that script.

Our new Digital Customer Success Center goes above and beyond the typical offerings, with a rich ecosystem of digital customer success offerings designed to meet the needs of growing businesses, the product of our deep investment in resources to support our partners as they scale up.

Always-on service

With an experience that mirrors the one offered by our product suite, the Digital Customer Success Center is designed for self-service, with resources you can access whenever you need them. We’ve made it easy to start your searches at a high level and drill down to discover the information you’re seeking. You can also share those discoveries with others, engaging with the wider Amplitude community. And if you have questions or need more assistance, you can communicate directly with our support teams through product requests and support tickets.

Always personalized to your goals

And those resources? You can be sure they will be the right ones, grounded in your business’s unique goals. We offer personalized content and recommendations based on your business objectives and behavior.

For example, if you tell us your goal is to drive retention, we won’t surface funnel charts (even if those are used more often than retention charts). We’ll provide resources designed to help you use Amplitude to drive retention.

Similarly, we’ll base our outbound communications with you, such as surveys and in-product messages, based on your experiences. For example, you might receive a message that looks like this: “We noticed you have had challenges with data quality. Here is what we recommend.”

A growing holistic ecosystem for success

The offerings don’t end there. Our holistic approach to digital customer success also includes:

  • Product support: receive open tickets with Amplitude’s support team. We’ll troubleshoot issues as well as answer questions about Amplitude features and functionality.
  • Amplitude Academy Access: find everything you need to get the most out of Amplitude, with access to e-learning courses on honing your Amplitude skills.
  • Digital health monitoring: leverage recommendations for how to maximize your Amplitude usage based on product behavior and digital check-ins that provide a complete picture of user behavior. We work with those with the severest health issues to develop an action plan that returns them to a healthy state.
  • Self-service resources: access Amplitude help center which provides documentation on Amplitude products.
  • Group Workshops: join workshops (such as our signature North Star workshop) that provide assistance in building the ecosystem around Amplitude.
  • Amplitude and private communities: hear the latest and greatest from Amplitude and learn from other users, and join private groups for users like you.
  • Partner network for services: additional support from a growing network of partners and experts.
Digital Customer Success

Investing in the future

So many companies underinvest in their growing customers. But Amplitude was built for customers of all sizes, including the companies that will be tomorrow’s business leaders. You’re already part of our community. We want to help you grow.

If you have questions, reach out to your account team and we’ll be in touch!

About the Author
Image of Craig Vincent
Craig Vincent
Head of Global Success Programs, Customer Success, Amplitude
Craig Vincent is the head of global success programs at Amplitude. Previously, Craig led the global customer journey team at Splunk.
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