“Using Pathfinder, we took what was a very noisy onboarding flow and distilled it into a sequence of critical onboarding events. Doing further analysis on that critical path showed us that converted versus non-converted users had a 2x difference in retention.” Alex Tew, Founder & CEO, Calm

Understand the Paths Users Take Through Your Product

Pathfinder lets you explore the actions your users take from any point in your application. With a funnel you can only analyze one specific path to conversion, but Pathfinder exposes all of the different ways your users navigate and ultimately convert in your application. Find the best paths to increase conversion and retention.

Discover all paths to conversion

Visualize all of the possible paths in your application. Stop guessing at the best funnel steps to conversion and let your users tell you through Pathfinder.

Find where users are churning

Identify all of the places where users drop off. Discover confusing paths in your app that might lead to churn and improve your user experience. Your users will thank you.

Easily compare paths of user segments

Segment users by properties or behavioral cohorts and compare their paths using Pathfinder. Surface the different actions that retained and churned users take with only a few clicks. Then, encourage more users to take the best paths and start increasing your retention.

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