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Braze + Amplitude: Power Personalized Experiences with Customer Data

4 -minute Read

Learn how to deliver personalized customer experiences that engage users on their preferred marketing channel with th...

Cat Perez

Strategic Partner Manager

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How Calm Uses Analytics to Improve Sleep, Health and Happiness

4 -minute Read

At the inaugural Digital Disruptors Summit, the team from Calm took the stage to share how they leveraged insights fr...

Mallory Busch

Content Marketing Manager

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Product Lessons Learned: A Conversation with Shreyas Doshi & John Cutler

50 -minute Read

Listen to the interview and peruse the transcript to gain insights about career growth, creative intelligence, produc...

John Cutler

Head of Product Education at Amplitude

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Why Product Analytics is the Missing Key to Your Marketing Personalization

5 -minute Read

The days of relying on 3rd-party data alone are long gone. To understand your customers and spend ad budget efficient...

Kimmo Hintikka

Solutions Engineer, Amplitude


Why Product Analytics is the New Standard for Digital Measurem...

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytics Services sponsored by Amplit...

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