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Customer Data Platform: The Definitive Guide

6 -minute Read

Learn everything you need to know while evaluating a CDP in 2022.

Arpit Choudhury

Founder, astorik

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15 Important Product Metrics You Should Be Tracking

5 -minute Read

Track these 15 product metrics to boost retention, engagement, and revenue.

Noorisingh Saini

Content Marketing Manager, Amplitude

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Unlock Insights Faster with Data Tables in Amplitude

4 -minute Read

Introducing a brand new way to visualize data in Amplitude.

Nikhil Gangaraju

Director, Product Marketing

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How to Calculate & Interpret SaaS LTV

7 -minute Read

Learn how to calculate, interpret, and improve SaaS LTV. Prioritize high-value customers to unlock sustainable growth...

Noorisingh Saini

Content Marketing Manager, Amplitude

Amplitude Labs

What’s Growing Faster: Apps or Websites?

Exclusive data from Amplitude Labs shows exactly where app and website usage is...

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See how Amplitude helps you use customer data to build great product experiences that convert and retain users.

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