The Evolving Product Analytics Landscape: An Interview with Sandhya Hegde

Where does product analytics fit in the realm of analytics tools on the market? What makes product analytics different from marketing analytics? How are product teams using analytics in their day-to-day work?

These are just some of the questions our Director of Product, Sandhya Hegde answered in a recent interview with Ryan Koonce, the CEO of Mammoth Growth, a growth agency that works with companies like DoorDash, Tile and Rinse.

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Why Product Leaders Should Read the Dropbox S1 Filing

I am always a little disappointed by S1 filings. As a VC investor, ex-engineer and product leader, I am trained to look for the secret sauce in every business – the leading indicators of future outcomes that forecast what success could look like. However, most S1 filings just present the standard wall street analyst metrics like year-over-year growth, gross margin and cost of revenue.

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Making Data Validation Suck Less

“Data validation is fun!” – No one ever 

Data validation. Two incredibly important words, yet one of the most painful parts of any analytics instrumentation. Whether you’re getting started with product analytics for the first time, or releasing a new feature and making updates to your current implementation, ensuring that the data you collect is accurate can be a nightmare for large organizations and small startups alike.

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