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Increasing Retention, Lowering Acquisition Costs, and Helping People Improve Their Financial Future

5 -minute Read

Australian social and economic wellness company WeMoney uses Amplitude Analytics as a BI and analytics platform to de...

Dan Jovevski

Dan Jovevski, Founder & CEO at WeMoney

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Black Voices at Amplitude: Skyla Banks

3 -minute Read

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Skyla Banks shares her perspective on making the tech community more inclusive.

Blake Jackson

Recruiting Manager, Amplitude

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Learn as You Ship and Quantify the Impact of Every Release

5 -minute Read

Enable product and data teams to scale experimentation, enhance data consistency and trust, and drive ROI with new ca...

Wil Pong

Head of Product, Experiment at Amplitude

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Scale Experimentation With a Better Developer Experience

2 -minute Read

Natively integrated analytics and experimentation enable developers to learn from every release with less effort.

Larry Xu

Director of Engineering, Amplitude Experiment

Amplitude Labs

What’s Growing Faster: Apps or Websites?

Exclusive data from Amplitude Labs shows exactly where app and website usage is...

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