amplitude product update june

June Product Update: Collaborate with Charts, Add Cohorts to Dashboards and More

This month we’re very excited to announce “Collaboration” which allows Amplitude users to favorite charts and even leave comments. In this product update, you will find updates on:

  • Launching: Collaboration
    • Comments
    • Mentions
    • ❤️ Charts
  • Feature Improvements
    • Dashboards: Add Cohorts, Pathfinder, and Compass reports
    • Browse Charts: Bookmarks
    • Data Table: Sort By Table Summary Column
    • All Charts: Custom Legends
    • Microscope: for Holding Constant Funnels
    • Multiple Metrics in Custom Formula
    • Zoom into Charts

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network effect for product growth

How to Harness Network Effect to Grow Your Product

Many of the most successful product companies today rely on ‘network effect’ to drive growth, improve product stickiness, and create barriers to entry for competitors.

Even if you’ve never heard of a network effect, it’s likely you’ve been a part of it. Put simply, network effect is the principle that your product becomes more valuable to the user as more people use it, increasing the likelihood of advocacy and user retention.

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From Product Manager to Partner: An Interview with Ashley Carroll

Join us for DATAfest on Monday June 12 in San Francisco to kick off Mind the Product and hear Ashley Carroll and a panel of other product leaders discuss how to bring data into product development.

When Ashley Carroll joined Social Capital, a Palo Alto based venture capital firm, she didn’t aspire to become an investor. Hailing from a tenured career in product management, she was just super passionate about working with startups. “I had become pretty active as a mentor and advisor to various startups and really enjoyed it! It was a nights and weekends hobby, but then I realized that helping entrepreneurs was a lot of what a good investor’s day-to-day entails.” Continue reading

Interview with Ellie Powers

What Improv Can Teach Product Managers

Interview with Ellie Powers, Group Product Manager, Android and Google Play

Join us at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on June 12th for DATAfest, the official reception for Mind the Product San Francisco and see Ellie’s presentation about what improv taught her about product management. RSVP here.

Saying “no” is a highly revered skill in business. As the thinking goes, the ability to say “no” demonstrates your value on prioritization and focus. Ellie Powers, a tenured product manager with 13 years of product management experience in three countries under her belt, sees things a bit differently when it comes to building products.

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sabotage app downloads

Are You Sabotaging Your App Downloads? Read This Before You Launch

Daily, we hear companies tout their new app as the latest and greatest. Have you ever stopped to think about the sheer number of apps that exist today? The stats are mind blowing. Here are just a few of them:

  • 2.2 million apps exist in Google Play and 2 million in the Apple App Store.
  • In 2015, app downloads numbered 180 billion. Meaning, approximately 493 million apps were downloaded each day.
  • By 2020, 6.4 billion people, 80% of the population, will have a smartphone.
  • In 2016 there were 211 billion downloads of free apps and 13 billion paid downloads.

Why the explosive growth? It’s simple really: along with regularly increasing number of smartphone users, app developers are more in tune with what their audiences want and have improved their product offerings. As they gather user feedback and better understand user behavior, they expand their product offerings to meet the needs of the population. Apple had it right when they coined the phrase, “There’s an app for that.”

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May Product Update Part II: Usage Interval, View User Streams, & More

We’ve released so many new features and improvements since our last product update and could not wait until next month to announce them! In this product update, you will find improvements on:

  • New Features
    • Usage interval in Retention Analysis
    • Global date ranges in dashboards
    • Headline numbers in dashboards
    • Set contains & glob/wildcard operators
  • Feature Improvements
    • Microscope View User Streams
    • User Composition
    • User Activity
    • Browse Charts
  • UX Improvements
    • Redesigned datepicker
    • Chart descriptions

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how to hire a product analyst

How to Hire a Product Analyst

The six things you need from a great product data scientist and how to find them  

Product Analytics is one of the most high leverage roles in a company that’s investing in software development. Having millions of touch points with your customers gives you a plethora of opportunities to learn from mistakes faster and build the conviction to take moonshots. However, most companies simply don’t have enough data literacy on their team to interpret the data available to them. This often leads to situations where product managers make decisions based on convenient anecdotes or become too paralyzed to take risks.

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