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Here’s How iOS 10 Will Change the Future of Apple

AAPL stock surging up. iOS 10 bricking early adopters’ phones. “Courage.”

There’s really nothing like September in Silicon Valley. This is Apple’s time, and this year they did not disappoint.

But rather than go over the lack of headphone port for the millionth time, let’s take a dive into the new software layer that Apple put out for iPhone users this month (did you forget?).

With iOS 10, Apple has made some subtle, divisive—maybe underappreciated—changes. And in the right light it looks like a preview of a very different future.

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Why You Need App Install and Uninstall Metrics

Too many companies focus solely on customer acquisition. While it may feel great to see your install count go up, retention is what’s king.

Focus only on boosting your installs, and you’ll waste money acquiring the wrong kind of users.

What you want are users who will stick around, who find value in your product and come back to it time and time again. And you can’t get them solely by focusing your efforts on acquisition.

To understand the value of the different customers you’re bringing in, you need to look at your app install and uninstall metrics in the context of user retention. Find where your retained users are coming from, then double down on those channels.

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How Soon Will People Start Using iOS 10?

Tomorrow, September 7th, Apple’s annual fall showcase will take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. They’re expected to unveil this year’s iPhone—the iPhone 7—as well as release an official date for its operating system, iOS 10.

In that spirit, we thought we’d try and predict just how quickly people will adopt iOS 10. To do so, we went back and looked through data on the last few iOS launches.

What we found suggests that iOS 10 will probably, barring serious technical glitches, be adopted by users faster than any update since iOS 7.

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8 ways to Automate your Analytics

8 Ways To Automate Your Analytics

With the help of IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier you can automate all repetitive tasks without the need for any coding. Automation is critical not just for raising efficiency, but also to prevent information and tasks from slipping through the cracks.

While we want you to be doing all of your web analytics within Amplitude, we know other tasks need to be done away from our platform. From emailing reports to collecting data or tracking competitors, IFTTT and Zapier can help turn any manual nightmare into an automated dream.

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Why Instant Apps Are One Of The Best Things To Happen To Mobile

App developers can’t stop talking Android Instant Apps, one of the biggest announcements from this year’s Google I/O.

In a nutshell, Instant Apps are “lite” versions of native Android apps that users can use without having to download anything. When a user taps on a deep link associated with an Instant App, they are redirected to a small “app”-version of the mobile website. Instant Apps open as quickly as mobile websites (sometimes even quicker), but they function like native apps. No downloads necessary. This makes user acquisition frictionless for app developers.

What that means for analytics is huge: no more working towards vanity metrics like installs and Play Store rankings just because people need to download your app to use it. Now, you’re free to focus 100% on what comes after—building an awesome user experience, improving your retention, and bringing even more users to your native app.

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5 Data-Driven Email Newsletters That Will Change How You Think About Analytics

Using data to build better products and companies is an ever-changing science. You have to always confront your assumptions and learn if you want to succeed. Whether you’re an industry veteran or starting from scratch, it always pays to get advice from the best of the best.

Subscribing to email newsletters written by experts on growth and analytics is a great way to build a habit around this kind of learning.

Here are five that stand out from the rest.

Written by entrepreneurs, data scientists, growth marketers and venture capitalists, each one offers unique insight into the process of using data to make better decisions and build a better company.

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Tinder and the Dating App Retention Paradox

Tinder is more than the most popular dating app on the market—it’s one of the most powerfully sticky and addictive mobile apps period. Billions of swipes and tens of millions of matches are recorded every single day. Average usage across both male and female users is somewhere around 90 minutes a day.

When it comes to user retention, however, Tinder seems to be caught in a paradox.

Every time Tinder facilitates a successful match and that match leads to a meaningful relationship, they lose two customers.

Ordinarily, apps retain more of their users as they get better. That’s what lets them grow more consistently and build more predictable revenue. For Tinder, it’s the inverse—the better they get at connecting compatible singles, the more users they should lose.

What Tinder shows us is that understanding your retention is more complex than just tracking your active users across the days, weeks, and months that they’re using your app. In Tinder’s case, retention actually has a lot to do with how well users churn.

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