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About Alan Ibrahim

Alan is Amplitude's Director of Customer Success. He keeps our customers happy by writing custom SQL queries and responding to emails at 3 am.

Customer Success at Amplitude, a Guide for SaaS Companies


Our customers are part of the Amplitude family and their success is the most important factor when measuring our own success. As a result, our Success team takes a proactive approach in guiding our customers to identify and solve problems instead of relying purely on the reactive approach that has traditionally dominated SaaS.

For us, customer success is much more than responding to support tickets, and it even extends well beyond onboarding and product training: it’s a continuous one-on-one relationship with our customer. Continue reading

New on Amplitude: Creating Custom Events, Optimizely Integration, Inequalities for Event Properties, Handling “Merged Users”

New integration: Optimizely

We’re excited to announce that our iOS integration with Optimizely is up and running! Now you can track Optimizely experiments and variation names directly in Amplitude to see how your experiments affect funnels, retention, and more. Setup is quick and easy – learn more here. Continue reading

New on Amplitude: Faster Queries & Uploading Custom Cohorts

Faster Dashboard Query Speeds

Our talented engineers have spent the last month building a new internal system to handle dashboard queries, resulting in significantly faster dashboard performance speeds! In a nutshell, they’ve built a distributed query engine that splits up complex queries into chunks and runs the computations in parallel, resulting in faster dashboards for you. Continue reading