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Correlation vs Causation: Understand the Difference for Your Business

Correlation and causation are two of the most important concepts to understand if you want to create growth.

Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner at HighlineBeta, explains the difference between correlation and causation by stating “correlation helps you predict the future, because it gives you an indication of what’s going to happen. Causality lets you change the future.”

Knowing the difference between the two goes a long way in ensuring that your business decisions are based on hard facts and measurable variables.

Making decisions based on assumptions means you run the risk of jeopardizing the success that you’re working hard for. It’s not intentional but before you make your next decision, consider whether your actions are based on assumptions or proven facts.

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4 Ways Bias Sneaks Into Your Mobile Analytics

In 2013, Helen Turnbull described feeling uneasy when she saw a woman was piloting her flight instead of an older, white man. Dr. Turnbull (who has a PhD in internalized oppression) actually considered getting off to wait for the next plane.

Biases are predispositions to one thing over another, and they affect everything from casual conversations to hiring decisions. If Dr. Turnbull falls prey to the wiles of bias, so do all of us.

Though most of us understand biases in the world around us — does your workplace have left-handed scissors? — it can sometimes be tricky to spot them in statistics. Numbers don’t lie, right?

Well, numbers might not, but we do. We need to be conscious about eliminating bias no matter what we’re doing — including when we’re interpreting our data.

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Breaking the Vanity Metric Cycle

After tracking over 1 trillion actions, we showed that only 20% of users returned to an app 31-60 days after first use. Although this is better than the oft-cited “80% of users churn in three days” statistic, mobile churn is still huge, especially after first use.

Nday and bracket retention curves

That’s a steep decline of users within the first few days, no matter how you cut it. And that’s why it’s often so tempting to shy away from stats like mobile churn rates in favor of gentler, nicer metrics like downloads. Vanity metrics usually that tell us that we’re succeeding, even if they probably mean nothing.

We’ve written a lot about how to understand your retention and ditch vanity metrics. But breaking free of worthless metrics is hard because it is breaking a psychological reward, not just adopting some new stats. If you actually want to drive your company towards success, you need to be able to take an honest look at what is going on.

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4 Steps to Measure User Onboarding the Right Way

Have questions about user onboarding? Our friends at Appcues have put together the ultimate resource to lay those questions at rest. Check out 76 Tips to Optimize User Onboarding to learn how you can take your onboarding to the next level.

User onboarding is your product’s first impression. It’s your one chance to blow new users away and get them on track to coming back. Spend time crafting a stellar onboarding flow that shows off your product’s value and you’ll be able to shift your entire retention curve up.

Sometimes, though, it’s not exactly clear where to start optimizing your onboarding flow. Should you change the order of your screens? Rewrite the copy? Revamp the flow completely? This is where your analytics can help. Here are four steps to using measuring your onboarding so you can find prime opportunities for optimization.

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Enrich Your Analytics for Incredibly Targeted Segmentation

We’re all for MOAR DATA here at Amplitude. The more you’ve got, the better you will understand your customers, your product, and the journey the former take through the latter.

Within Amplitude, you can find out exactly what your customers are doing in your app. But it’s difficult to work out who these customers are from pure behavioral data.

Once you know who your customers are, you can know what they value, what they need, and what they expect from you. All of this information can come from your behavioral analytics, but having that initial insight into your customers through data enrichment makes everything else a lot easier. You can build a complete picture of your customers and segment, target, and communicate better with each individual.

By combining enrichment and analytics you can access all of the information about your customers. This will help you understand exactly who they are and exactly what they want from your product.

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modeling mobile user behavior

3 Metrics for Understanding Mobile User Behavior

As mobile technology becomes more sophisticated, consumers are using their phones in different ways. This rapid shift makes it hard to understand mobile user behavior. At the same time, for your mobile presence to succeed, you need to keep up with how people are using their devices.

A major component of staying on top of these novel behaviors is adopting the right mobile analytics to help you better engage consumers. This isn’t an extensive list of every new analytic, but it will give you an overview of the types of metrics to put in place, and get you thinking about what the future of mobile looks like.

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