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Cara manages content at Amplitude. She recently moved to Brooklyn from San Francisco and dearly misses the hills. Previously, she wrote and spoke about A/B testing and personalization at Optimizely.


From Product Manager to Partner: An Interview with Ashley Carroll

When Ashley Carroll joined Social Capital, a Palo Alto based venture capital firm, she didn’t aspire to become an investor. Hailing from a tenured career in product management, she was just super passionate about working with startups. “I had become pretty active as a mentor and advisor to various startups and really enjoyed it! It was a nights and weekends hobby, but then I realized that helping entrepreneurs was a lot of what a good investor’s day-to-day entails.”

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Interview with Ellie Powers

What Improv Can Teach Product Managers

Interview with Ellie Powers, Group Product Manager, Android and Google Play

Saying “no” is a highly revered skill in business. As the thinking goes, the ability to say “no” demonstrates your value on prioritization and focus. Ellie Powers, a tenured product manager with 13 years of product management experience in three countries under her belt, sees things a bit differently when it comes to building products.

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How is Giving its Product Managers More Independence

Every day, thousands of people around the world visit to do a simple act that has the possibility to change the world: sign their name or start a petition. Anyone can come to to start a digital petition and use the platform’s reach of 100 million users to garner support and signatures. A privately owned company based in San Francisco, Change. org’s 200+ employees in 18 offices around the world are working to connect people across geographic and cultural borders to support causes they care about.

Access to reliable product analytics is an important part of this mission. In 2016, Change. org made the switch to Amplitude for product analytics in order to make data more widely available and digestible to their global teams. Even in the early stages of adoption, the team says “the impact has been huge.”

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4 Things Data Literate Companies Do Well

When we learn to read, we learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds before making our first attempts to sound out full words. Eventually, these words string together to become sentences, and it’s at this point that the story behind the words becomes articulate.

The process of becoming data literate isn’t that different. You start by learning data points and the meaning behind each one before turning to the metrics they support. These metrics, much like individual words, don’t tell you much until to start to string them together to expose the story behind the data. Therein lies the essence of data literacy: having the ability to extract meaning from data.

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Yellow Pages is Undergoing a Digital Transformation

As a 100 year old company, how do you reinvent and transform yourself to stay relevant in the digital world? Yellow Pages (YP) has been answering this for years. The company that was once synonymous with print directories is now much, much more than that. Visit and you’ll see a sleek search bar, colorful buttons to download a Yellow Pages-built dining, shopping or real estate app. You’ll see the result of their complete digital transformation.

But that’s just the front-end.

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