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About Justin Bauer

Justin Bauer is the Head of Product at Amplitude, where he strives to make it easy for companies to make better decisions from their data. He’s a 2x entrepreneur as well as an alumnus of McKinsey, Stanford GSB and Carleton College.

Good Product Team/Bad Product Team

As VP of Product at Amplitude, I get the opportunity to work with hundreds of different products teams every year — ranging from startups with only a handful of engineers to large enterprises with thousands of PMs. Each of them works with Amplitude because they believe we will help them build a better product

But this naturally raises a simple question: why do companies need help building better products?

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Amplitude enterprise product analytics

Launching Four New Product Offerings 🎉

What Amplitude’s Product Team has been up to these last 6 months

At Amplitude, we believe that we are entering the dawn of a new era; an era where rapid product innovation is the single most important driver of success for every company. We call this the product-led era, and to win in this era you must be obsessed about your customer’s pain and decentralize decision making to ship great products fast. For Amplitude’s product team, it also means helping our customers innovate faster.

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How Great Product Companies are Transforming their Analytics Stack

The world of product development is changing rapidly. Twenty years ago, “online” was a new acquisition channel. But today, online is the product. And all companies are turning into digital product businesses.

However, the fact that software is eating the world shouldn’t be surprising to anyone reading this. But how quickly it’s happening might be: over half of all Fortune 500 companies since 2000 no longer exist.

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March 2017 Product Update

Release Notes: March

We’re excited to announce new features and improvements since our February product update. You’ll find major improvements and information on:

  • UI/UX
    • Change projects directly from chart view
    • Search in data tables
    • Tooltips on dropdowns
    • Redesigned charts on dashboards
  • Features Improvements:
    • Funnels
    • Event Segmentation
    • Behavioral Cohorts
  • New ability to delete event types
  • Customize the ‘[Amplitude] New User’ definition (Beta)
  • Resources
    • Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention
    • Webinar Series
  • SDK Updates

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Why a Mixpanel power user left to join Amplitude

If you were to use one word to summarize my career, it would definitely be ‘analytics.’

My career began over a decade ago, when I departed from my hometown in Iowa for the Bay Area to join an economic consulting firm called The Brattle Group.  It was here I honed my chops in statistical analysis, working with some of the brightest economists in the industry, including Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden.  

However, like many transplants before me, I was bit by the local tech bug; instead of pursuing my Econ PhD, I enrolled at Stanford Business School.  This was a fascinating time for me; it was my first real introduction into the business and tech world.  In fact, I was so excited about continuing my business education that I joined McKinsey’s Los Angeles office, with the goal of helping companies make better decisions based on their data.

My McKinsey experience was rather unique in that I got the opportunity to help launch a company called Periscope Solutions, McKinsey’s first foray into enterprise software.  While I enjoyed my work consulting with other companies, I had always struggled with inability to actually execute and launching a product filled that need. From the experience of developing and deploying this software, I also came to the conclusion that a major disruption was about to occur in the technology consulting field. This led me to join a handful of fellow McKinsey alums and become a founding member of a digital consulting company that was eventually acquired by Booz (Booz Digital).

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