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Varun Sharma is a Senior Success Manager at Amplitude Analytics, where he is responsible for customer success and product operations for enterprise clients.

7 Steps to Measuring the Success of a Feature

Your latest update has hit the App Store — you’re excited for your users to try out your new feature that you’ve spent months working on. How do you measure the impact of your new feature? Are people using it? Is it improving your user experience and affecting your company’s bottom line?

To determine whether or not a feature is having the intended impact, you need to look at your user data…but where to start? We’ve put together a 7 step framework to help you analyze the impact of your new feature.

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Three steps to increase your conversion rate using funnels

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with funnel analysis, which involves setting up a pre-determined sequence of events and then tracking conversion rates at each step. Funnels are incredibly useful for identifying problem areas in your product and showing you where to investigate further.

Unfortunately, the funnel tools in most analytics platforms stop there: you can see that you have a problem (users are dropping out of your funnel before completing the desired last step), but that doesn’t help you figure out how to fix it. Why aren’t users converting? What differentiates users who complete the funnel and those who drop out after a couple steps? You can identify the issue, but you can’t dig deeper to find out why.

Funnel analytics are core to understanding user behavior, which is why we’re addressing the shortcomings of standard funnel charts so that you can actually identify ways to improve your funnel conversion rates.

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  • identify key events and set up a funnel
  • uncover actionable information from funnel results
  • take action to improve your funnel conversion rates and drive growth

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