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Youngna Park is the COO (and former Head of Product) at Tinybop, a Brooklyn-based creative studio designing award-winning educational apps for kids. At Tinybop, she oversees general management of the company, and has a hand in every aspect of the business from operations and strategy to team-building, and product management. Prior to Tinybop, she was a UX/Content Strategist at HUGE, and a digital producer at 20x200 and the Washington Post Newsweek Interactive. In 2011, she was the Producer on the viral dance film, Girl Walk // All Day.


How to Build a Product Team from the Inside Out

It’s easy to see hiring as a cure to many scaling ills.

Most organizations that start hiring to build out the product team have not exhausted the potential on their current team. They’re missing a huge opportunity right in front of them. Growing your team from within is harder and requires more effort, but I believe it also helps you build a fundamentally stronger team in the long-run.

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