Austin Welborn

Senior Customer Success Manager, Amplitude

Austin is a Customer Success Manager at Amplitude, where he works with customers of all shapes and sizes to...

Belinda Chiu

Senior Platform Specialist

Belinda is a Senior Platform Specialist at Amplitude who champions the Platform team’s mission to enhance t...

Ben Brook

Co-Founder and CEO, Transcend

Ben Brook is the CEO and co-founder of Transcend, a data privacy technology company headquartered in San Fr...

Benjamin Brandall

Head of Marketing at Chameleon

Benjamin Brandall is Head of Marketing at [Chameleon]( When not obsessing ov...

Bhavik Patel

Founder and Managing Director, CAUSL

Bhav is the founder of CAUSL, a Product Measurement Consultancy that helps product organizations connect th...

Bilal Mahmood

Head of Product

Bilal Mahmood is the Head of Product at Amplitude, leading development on personalization and machine learn...

Blake Jackson

Recruiting Manager, Amplitude

Blake Jackson is a Recruiting Manager at Amplitude leading a team supporting G&A and People team hiring...

Brandon Khoo

Product Manager, Amplitude

Brandon Khoo is a product manager at Amplitude, supporting the development of data products such as Amplitu...

Brian Abad

Head of Technical Support

Finding ways to improve the customer experience across Support and Education.

Bryan Parman

Former Director of Sales, EMEA

Bryan was formerly the Director of Sales, EMEA at Amplitude.

Cao (Danica) Xiao

Senior Director, Data Science & Machine Learning

Cao (Danica) Xiao is the senior director and head of data science and machine learning at Amplitude. She is...

Cara Harshman

Managing Editor, Amplitude

Cara was formerly the Managing Editor at Amplitude. Before joining this crew of super-passionate, smart ind...

Carolyn Feibleman

Principal Solutions Consultant

Carolyn Feibleman is a principal solutions consultant at Amplitude, where she advises clients on product an...

Cat Perez

Strategic Partner Manager

Cat Perez is a strategic partnerships manager at Amplitude, where she manages Amplitude's technology partne...

Chethana Kandula

Product Designer, Amplitude

Chethana Kandula is a product designer at Amplitude, where she focuses on making the user experience of the...

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