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Calm Case Study

How Calm Increased Retention 3X After Switching to Amplitude from Mixpanel

Calm is a simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind to their users. With a solid user base on iOS and Android, Calm needed to understand how current features were driving retention and what they could do to improve it. They worked with Amplitude to analyze their user behavior data and discover ways to potentially improve Calm’s retention.

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Instacart Blog Post

How Instacart increased conversion by understanding user behavior

Instacart is an on-demand service that delivers groceries in as little as an hour from local stores. Users can place orders on the website, iOS, or Android app. With these different user experiences, and many users moving between platforms, Instacart needed cross-platform tracking for measuring and understanding user behavior across web, mobile web, and native mobile apps.


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how smartly solved

How Smartly Solved a Web Traffic Mystery

A couple months back, Allison Harper, who leads marketing at Smartly, noticed a strange spike in traffic that was showing up in her Amplitude dashboards, but not in Google Analytics. We sat down with Allison to hear how she solved the mystery (and saved her company thousands of dollars) with the help of analytics, and to learn how she and the rest of the Smartly team leverage analytics in their day-to-day work. Continue reading


How recent YC grad Priime uses Amplitude to build a better photo app

Priime is a photo editing app fresh out of Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 batch. We recently got the chance to ask Arthur Chang, the CEO and cofounder of Priime, about the importance of analytics for an early-stage startup gaining user traction.

arthur-priimeAmplitude is saving our company metrics by providing so many events, and I can’t imagine being able to run Priime without it. As a fellow YC company, a thousand thanks for making a product so accessible and useful for early-stage companies.” – Arthur Chang, CEO and Founder, Priime

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Putting a Price on Privacy: KeepSafe’s Data-Driven Approach to Pricing

“That was a great work planning session. I took a picture of the whiteboard with my phone, so I have our notes right here. Whoops, sorry, wait a minute, that’s a picture from my trip to Las Vegas…”

How much would you pay to keep this from happening? That’s one of the questions Zouhair Belkoura had to answer when pricing the premium version of KeepSafe, an app that helps you keep your personal photos and files private. Continue reading