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How Data Access Unlocks Your Company’s Potential

Imagine you’re a member of the growth team of a promising (as all Silicon Valley startups are) social media app. It’s a late evening in SoMa. You have your email open. You keep hitting ‘Refresh,’ waiting for the one piece of information you need to finish your presentation to your CEO tomorrow. You want to know something seemingly straightforward: How many daily active users did the app have over the past 6 months in San Francisco versus San Jose? You asked the data science team for this information 3 days ago; they promised to get that information to you EOD. When the data finally does come in (indeed minutes before midnight), it’s rows and rows of numbers in a huge Excel spreadsheet, which you’ll be spending the next several hours turning into graphs to make sense of it.

This, despite popular belief, is not how data-informed companies function. Fareed Mosavat, Consumer Growth Product Manager of the popular grocery delivery app Instacart puts it best: “If you say you’re data-driven but everything has to go through an analyst, you’re not actually data-driven.”

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We’ve mentioned before that data accessibility is one of the core tenets of being data-informed. In a company with a pervasive data culture, everyone has direct access to user data and can answer their own analytics questions. No more back and forth or bottlenecks to deal with. Instead of bugging the data science team, you’d be able to get the information you need yourself, in seconds.

In that sense, data accessibility truly unlocks your org’s potential. It allows you to:

  1. Move quickly.
  2. Focus on the product.
  3. Build a data-informed culture.


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