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Spenser Diversity Post

Amplitude’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

As an analytics company, we’re always thinking about growth. We ask ourselves constantly how we can help our customers leverage data to grow their product and their business. That’s one of the reasons we’ve made growth mindset one of the three cultural values we want every Ampliteer to exhibit.

For Amplitude as a whole, growth mindset doesn’t only pertain to adding more features to the product or getting more customers. It means growing our ideas. We can’t grow as a company if we remain static, fixed in our ways. We can’t grow as a company if the ideas we come up with are unchallenged. That’s why having diversity of thought in the workplace is essential to our company’s success.

Diverse thoughts come from diverse individuals. Diverse teams help to build better products and better companies.

Back in March, with the formation of the diversity team, Amplitude started taking its first steps towards addressing diversity in the workplace.

Today, I want to talk about what diversity is at Amplitude and share our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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getting a head start on diversity

We’re Getting a Head Start on Diversity

Amplitude is in the middle of a major growth spurt.

Since 2015, we’ve grown more than 4x in number of employees. (And we’re finally moving to a bigger space later this month.) Every single person here has a hand in recruiting the next generation of ‘Ampliteers’ who will help us take Amplitude to the next level. At the breakneck pace at which we’re growing, we simply haven’t had the time to formally establish an HR department or hire a recruiter.  

With all this happening, you might not think we’re at the ‘right’ stage to think about diversity. Maybe we should be focusing on getting the manpower we need to build a good product, securing our next round of funding, or generating more revenue. The fundamental presumption that motivates that mentality is that diversity is an afterthought; it’s “nice” to have when you have the time for it. But the fact is, workplace diversity needs to be a priority from day one. Diversity is an essential prerequisite for successfully accomplishing business goals.

At Amplitude, we’ve already witnessed the consequences of not addressing diversity. In our early days, we lost out on a stellar potential hire due to the lack of gender diversity on the engineering team. At that point, we realized we were already far too late in acknowledging the lack of diversity at Amplitude. Now we’re taking our first steps to address the problem.

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