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Release Notes: August

Slack Visual Links, Realtime Events Segmentation, Formula Improvements, and Auto-refresh Cohorts

1) Slack Visual Links

Note: Slack Visual Links and Shareable Links are only available on Enterprise plans.

You can share and visualize charts in the Slack messaging app. To share visual links, you must create a Shareable Link to the chart. Please note that anyone with the link can view the chart and data, even if the person does not have an Amplitude account with your organization.

Slack visual link

Slack: Turn on Link Previews
If a Shareable Link doesn’t unfurl when you post it in Slack, it may be because you haven’t turned on Link Previews in your Slack settings. Here are their instructions on how to do so:

  1. In the top-left corner, click on your name to open the Team Menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. In the left-hand menu, select Messages & Media.
  4. In the Inline Media & Links section, check the “Expand links…” or “Expand website…” options.

Slack turn on inline media and links

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Release Notes: June

Time Zone Support, HTML Email Reports, REST API Update, and Javascript SDK v3.0

1) Time Zone Support

You can now change the time zone of an Amplitude app in the app’s settings page. A time zone change will impact all Amplitude users and event queries, including theREST API. Changes are also applied retroactively and immediately.

Please note that event ingestion will continue to be in UTC, so a time zone change will not impact the HTTP API, and only Admins can access the app’s settings page and modify the time zone.


Read more about your app’s settings here.

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Amplitude Announces $15M Series B

You deserve better analytics to grow your product and bring value to your users. Plain and simple.

For us, that means bringing you the best-in-class web and mobile behavioral analytics platform so you can understand your users both today and well into the future. It means bringing you powerful, point-and-click analytics that lets you perform queries that would’ve once required teams of data scientists. It means bringing you behavioral analytics that gives your whole company insight into how your users navigate your product.

“We chose Amplitude because it has a fantastic look and feel and we’ve found it to have better out-of-the-box analytics capabilities than its competitors. I love that I’m able to dive right into Amplitude to better understand our products’ user behavior – I can even give access to folks without an analyst background so they can quickly spin up some segmentation charts and dashboards to share with their teams. It is truly a versatile and powerful platform.”

— Mike Murray, LogMeIn.

To continue building our platform in new and advanced ways, I’m excited to publicly announce that we’ve closed $15M in Series B funding, led by Battery Ventures. We’re adding Neeraj Agrawal to Amplitude’s board of directors, who will help us grow the team and advance the product so we continue to be the best-in-class behavioral analytics platform for you. You can read the full press release here.

We also have several other exciting updates that will help you understand user behavior at a deeper, more sophisticated level, including a new tool called Pathfinder, a brand-new backend architecture, as well as a Retention Playbook in the works.

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Release Notes: May

Backend, Funnels, Pathfinder, and CSV Export Updates

1) New Backend System Fully Pushed

In April, we pushed a new backend system to power the Events Segmentation tab and the Segmentation Sidebar. Since May 7th, all queries and tabs have been powered by the new system. With this update, you can expect queries to generate about twice as fast, and we plan to optimize the system to generate even faster queries.

With the new system, many changes had to be made to some of our features. We highly recommend that you are aware of the changes that were made, please refer to the first section of our last product update for details on the changes.

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Release Notes: April

New Backend System, Count by Distinct, Revenue Properties, and More

1) Important: New Backend System

This morning, we released a new backend system powering the Events Segmentation tab and the Segmentation Sidebar. This is a part of an ongoing project to revamp our query architecture in order to provide the most scalable and reliable analytics for you. We’ve been working on this for the last few months and are excited to roll this part out today.

We expect to have all queries fully pushed to the new system by early May. This should generate faster queries, especially those with more complex filters. These changes will also impact how we calculate certain queries which are outlined below.

Changes to Events Segmentation
As of today, you can expect queries to run faster than before. In addition, as a result of the new backend system:

  1. When you perform a Group By on a property, the Group By distribution will now additionally show you null or (none) values/segments.
  2. You can now perform an event property Group By on a formula that uses the PROPSUM or PROPAVG functions. The image below shows the average duration of songs played, in seconds, grouped by gender.


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Shamrock Datamonster

Amplitude Update: Shamrock Edition

Compass, Pathfinder, Rename Events, Funnel Updates, and More.

1) Compass

Note: Compass is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Compass helps find thresholds of user behavior that predict long term retention and ultimately lead to growth for your application. Previously known as the Growth Discovery Engine (GDE), Compass is a big redesign of GDE with additional features.

In Compass, you can directly compare the retention of a selected set of users to all of your users, create a cohort of that set of users for further analyses, and save Compass reports for future review.


Read more about Compass here.

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