The next evolution in product analytics: Unlimited events for up to 1M MTUs

Our new model makes it easier for startups and small businesses to get started with Amplitude

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January 24, 2023
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Spenser Skates
CEO and Co-founder

Building a company is hard. You need to ensure product-market fit, create an amazing product experience, and figure out the best way to grow. It’s grueling work. And it’s 10x harder when you don’t have visibility into how customers are using your products—what they like, where they’re getting stuck, and what keeps them coming back.

That’s why we started Amplitude. Our platform helps you to measure conversion, engagement, and retention data. It offers you clear insights into what’s driving those metrics. And it helps you to test your ideas and take action faster.

Ten years later, we’re still on our mission to help companies build amazing products—whether you’re just starting out on your digital analytics journey, or you’ve been on that path for years. We want to do everything we can to lower the barrier to entry and success. That means listening to your feedback and continuously rethinking how we build and deliver capabilities to meet your needs.

Introducing MTUs with unlimited events

One of the areas we’ve heard the most discussion about is our pricing model and the effectiveness of monthly tracked users (MTUs) versus the number of events associated with those users.

The MTU model tracks the number of discrete users performing one or more qualifying actions during a calendar month—and bills as a result. The event-based model charges based on the number of times a user meaningfully interacts with one of your products—e.g. they click on or hover over something, sign up, or type or issue a voice command.

Both have their benefits, depending on the situation. The MTU model can be easier for companies to understand. The event-based model offers larger or more mature teams additional flexibility, given they can control which events are tracked.

But we heard two very clear things from you: 1) It’s hard to forecast event volume when you’re just starting out with analytics; and 2) Even with an MTU model, it’s hard to keep track of throughput (in other words, the events per MTU).

So, starting today, Amplitude will be introducing an MTU model across our subscription plans—and if you have up to 1 million MTUs, we’ll be offering unlimited events.

That’s right, gone are the days of event limits per user. Your focus needs to be on leveraging your product to drive growth, which means looking at data about product usage and not being concerned about numbers of events. And so, by taking the risk on your behalf and offering unlimited events for up to 1 million MTUs, we’re offering what we believe is the very best approach on the market.

Our event-based model is still an option

By introducing MTUs, we’re giving you the choice to match the size of your company and the stage of your analytics journey. If you’re just starting out, our MTU model is likely the best option. Once you grow past 1 million MTUs, you can either switch to an event-based plan or move to a more-customized MTU model.

What does this mean for you?

For existing Starter Plan customers, please visit the Community update for more details on the changes we’re announcing today.

If you’re an existing customer on our growth or enterprise plans, nothing changes for you.

And if you’re a prospective customer looking to start your analytics journey or switch from another solution, simply sign up for a free Amplitude plan or check out our full pricing page here.

If you want to learn more about how we meter and bill the MTU model, please visit the MTU help center.

About the Author
Spenser is the CEO and Co-founder of Amplitude. He experienced the need for a better product analytics solution firsthand while developing Sonalight, a text-to-voice app. Out of that need, Spenser created Amplitude so that everyone can learn from user behavior to build better products.
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