Meet the First Sales Hire at Amplitude: Christine Yang

If you ask a salesperson how she or he came to be a salesperson, probably no one will tell you it’s what they studied in school. Sales was not even remotely part of Christine Yang’s studies at  University of California, San Diego where she majored in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Nonetheless, she found her way into software. After a successful stint at Linkedin and two Bay Area startups she was the first sales hire at Amplitude. Today, the sales organization is 40 people and counting (we’re hiring!), and Christine, the extroverted engineer. is embarking on her fourth year with the team.

Please meet the Ampliteer, Christine Yang…

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Good Product Team/Bad Product Team

As VP of Product at Amplitude, I get the opportunity to work with hundreds of different products teams every year — ranging from startups with only a handful of engineers to large enterprises with thousands of PMs. Each of them works with Amplitude because they believe we will help them build a better product

But this naturally raises a simple question: why do companies need help building better products?

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Chart output showing total revenue formatted as a currency.

You can now do Revenue Data Analysis in the Event Segmentation chart

Starting in February 2018, the Revenue Analysis chart type will no longer be supported. 

In an effort to simplify our chart creation experience, we’re consolidating the functionality of the Revenue Analysis chart into the most popular chart – Event Segmentation! Existing Revenue Analysis charts will still be functional but we encourage you to do new revenue-related analysis in the Event Segmentation chart.

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Airtable’s Chief Product Officer on Building Products that Amplify Our Creative Potential

We’re thrilled to feature this guest post from Andrew Ofstad, Chief Product Officer at Airtable.

Humans are preternaturally skilled at amplifying their inherent abilities through tools. We chisel rocks, we ride bicycles, we use computers.

Most products out there today, however, aren’t working to expand or amplify the range of our abilities or creative potential. They’re providing convenience. They’re allowing you to do the same things you were doing before with greater ease: Continue reading

bridge representing the product and marketing divide

Bridging the Product/Marketing Divide

This is a guest post from Suneet Bhatt, the former Chief Growth Officer at HelpScout and VP of Marketing at Chartbeat.

When Charles Dickens penned the introduction to A Tale of Two Cities, he did not know he was also describing the relationship between Product and Marketing at nearly every startup I’ve come across…

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