Q2 Product Release Highlights—New Features Support Digital Optimization

See how new releases in Amplitude help your team become more data-driven than ever, including Amplitude CDP, reimagined Team Spaces, and more.

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July 25, 2022
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John Hurley
VP of Product Marketing
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Amplitude gives teams creating digital products and services continuous access to actionable insights about what customers want and how to drive impact.

In Q2, the Amplitude Product team released the biggest set of product and feature updates in the company’s history to support this vision of making customers more data-driven than ever before. We launched our own customer data platform (CDP), made collaboration easier for teams, sped up time to run and analyze experiments, and more. Here are the highlights.

Amplitude Analytics: New growth insights and improved collaboration

New releases in our industry-leading product analytics solution unlock new growth insights while helping teams work better together to bring data into every conversation.

The closed beta features below are available by request to customers on paid plans. Reach out to your customer success manager to get set up.

See how marketing investments drive growth with Campaign Reporting

(Closed Beta – Available by request to customers on paid plans)

New Campaign Reporting functionality lets customers see Channel Performance and Attribution within Amplitude. These updates bring marketing and product team data into a single system to better understand how their investments drive growth–a popular request from existing customers.

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For clients transitioning from tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, new Campaign Reporting functionality makes the switch much easier.

Learn more about Campaign Reporting.

Tie customer behavior to business outcomes fast with Metrics

(Closed Beta – Available by request to customers on paid plans)

Metrics keep teams aligned with how they define success metrics. This new feature enables them to create standardized, reusable measurements of success that keep everyone on the same page about important outcomes.

Learn more about Metrics.

Make sophisticated analysis easy with Data Tables

(Closed Beta – Available by request to customers on paid plans)

With new Data Tables, customers at any level of analytics experience can build multi-metric, multi-dimensional analyses to compare metrics and confidently make business decisions.

Learn more about Data Tables.

Collaborate on analyses with Team Spaces

This new organization system helps teams discover and organize analyses shared in Amplitude more easily.

A screenshot of Amplitude Team Space user inerface

Now customers can:

  • Create folders and subfolders to better organize charts, dashboards, notebooks, and cohorts
  • Access a new personal space where they’ll see saved content
  • More easily search and filter results within a space
  • Enjoy a brand new table format

Learn more about Team Spaces.

Bring insights into everyday workflows with new and upcoming integrations

Now customers can bring data from Amplitude into Notion, a collaboration tool used frequently by product managers. With the new Notion integration, customers can easily embed charts into documents and wikis.

Learn more about the Amplitude + Notion integration.

A decorative image showing Amplitude and Notion logos to represent embedding Amplitude chart into Notion

At Amplify, we committed to releasing additional updates to these integrations and others (including Slack and Miro) throughout the year. Subscribe to our product updates board in our Community and be notified when they launch.

Create dashboards more easily to speed up reporting

(Available to customers on paid plans)

Teams interested in recreating standard analyses don’t need to build these dashboards from scratch. With new dashboard templates, customers can turn any existing dashboard into a template for other team members to use.

A screenshot of an Amplitude dashboard template for engagement

Learn more about new dashboard templates.

Amplitude CDP: The first insights-driven customer data platform

Amplitude CDP integrates seamlessly with Analytics so teams can proactively improve data quality, find new audiences, and sync behavioral data across their stack. Plus, they don’t have to pay twice to run their data through a third-party solution.

If you’re already an Amplitude customer, you get early access to the Amplitude CDP closed beta. Amplitude CDP is free for all Analytics customers for up to 10M events streamed out to destinations of your choice and up to 50,000 unique profiles synced. Reach out to your customer success manager to get set up.

If you’re not a customer and are interested in buying a CDP before implementing Analytics, reach out to us.

While many of the data connection and governance capabilities in Amplitude CDP are ones we’ve offered for years, we have some exciting new releases, too.

Improve personalization with real-time audience syncing

Set up daily, hourly, or real-time syncs that match the cadence of campaigns so you’re only showing audiences relevant, timely messages.

Learn how to set up syncing to third-party destinations.

Iterate on audience segmentation right in Amplitude

Reviewing a list of users in a chosen audience segment is now easier. In the past, customers would have to download a CSV to check their audience list. Now, the list appears in the app where customers can iterate quickly and includes new fields like group, country, and platform.

Power real-time, targeted digital experiences with event streaming

With the new event streaming data connections, customers can now send data from Amplitude to their marketing technology and data service platforms to power real-time, targeted digital experiences and enrich their centralized data platforms. Support for streaming event data to available destinations is also available through Amplitude’s EU Datacenter.

See the full list of event streaming data connections.

Send and receive data from more third-party platforms with new integrations

We offer customers over 85 integrations to connect their customer data stack. This quarter we released new data sources and destinations to help them do more with their company data.

New event data sources include:

New event data destinations include:

See our full list of 35+ data destinations.

We also provided access to Amplitude Data event and tracking planning features in Amplitude’s EU Datacenter. Check out our new Developer Center for resources and documentation for these releases and more.

Amplitude Experiment: New features for advanced analyses

Experiment empowers organizations to run higher impact A/B tests. This makes it easier to determine and deliver the most impactful product experiences for their customers. With releases in Q2, our best-in-class solution keeps getting better.

Empower product teams to plan and analyze experiments on their own

Now even companies with deeply embedded testing and feature delivery infrastructure get the speed and ease of Experiment. With new Experiment Results, product teams can bring their A/B testing data into Amplitude for analysis. Since they don’t need to wait for another team to analyze and report on test data, they’re only limited by the number of experiments they want to run.

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Read more about Experiment Results.

Run smarter experiments with enhanced Goals & Takeaways

When Experiment customers set goals, they can now specify the impact they hope to have on a specific metric. They’ll also get a recommendation for next steps in the experiment summary.

A screenshot of Amplitude user interface showing new Goals & Takeaways capability

Learn more about Goals & Takeaways.

Enjoy an all-new guided experience for experiments

We’ve updated the experience of planning and running an experiment to analyzing the results and making decisions. In the new experience, features are organized intuitively by the way teams work and a status bar tracks key tasks at each stage.

Learn more about Lifecycle.

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