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Paul is a product manager at Amplitude Analytics. Previously, product @StrideHealth, product analytics @Square, and Harvard computer science. Always on the lookout for good anti-jokes and cultural proverbs.


How to write good product docs

Can you imagine a more exciting topic? Me neither. 

“Documentation” gets a bad rap. It’s a dirty word — especially at tech startups where it seems to go against every grain in our rebellious, “move fast and break things” brains. Documentation, we say to ourselves, is for historians. Everyone on my team is already aligned, we tell ourselves, so why waste time on writing it down.

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Release Notes: February 2018

This product update includes new features to:

  1. Make it easier to look up existing charts, and to know if they’re credible.
  2. Enhance productivity, so you can do more in fewer clicks.
  3. Improve the Taxonomy add-on.

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Chart output showing total revenue formatted as a currency.

You can now do Revenue Data Analysis in the Event Segmentation chart

Starting in February 2018, the Revenue Analysis chart type will no longer be supported. 

In an effort to simplify our chart creation experience, we’re consolidating the functionality of the Revenue Analysis chart into the most popular chart – Event Segmentation! Existing Revenue Analysis charts will still be functional but we encourage you to do new revenue-related analysis in the Event Segmentation chart.

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