Best Practices

Best Practices

What is Product Intelligence?

What is Product Intelligence and why does it matter? Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates explains how digital leaders are using this new category of software...

Spenser Skates

Best Practices

Why Churn Analysis is the Key to Improving Customer Retention

Churn analysis helps you understand the problems that make your customers stop using your product. Fixing them supercharges your retention.

Anastasia Fullerton

Best Practices

3 Things to Do Before Implementing Customer Retention Strategies

How the team at Kwit built a habit-forming product that drives retention while helping users quit smoking

Loic Neve

Best Practices

How Retention Rate and Customer Experience Go Hand in Hand

Companies that build the best customer experiences can see the benefits of that work reflected in the retention rate.

Archana Madhavan

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Why You Need a Data-Informed Product Strategy

Having a data-informed product strategy will help you create sustained, long-term growth. Here are the metrics that get you there.

Andrea Wang

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How is Amplitude Different from Google Analytics?

Growth Designer Lex Roman breaks down the main differences between Amplitude and Google Analytics, and how they impact product teams.

Lex Roman

Best Practices

Go Beyond Conversions and Measure Customer Engagement

Conversion is step one. Cultivating customer loyalty—through personalization, relevant messaging, and the best customer experiences—comes next.

Mary Kearl

Best Practices

Stop Data Snacking

What is data snacking? And what is the alternative?

John Cutler

Best Practices

7 Things Every Product Leader Should Know About the North Star Metric

Advice from product leaders about defining a North Star Metric and generating buy-in across an organization

Mallory Busch