Best Practices

Best Practices

Why Designers Need to Care about Data

If you’re a product or UX designer just getting started with data, these three areas of practice can...

Lex Roman

Best Practices

A 5 Step Guide to Sustainable Analytics Instrumentation

Data instrumentation is critical for long-term analytics success, yet it's so often overlooked.

Jessica Chiu

Best Practices

Better Practices for Building Integrations

Before you get started on an integration, it's worthwhile to take a step back and make sure that wha...

Dana Levine

Best Practices

Why Experiment?

What is at the heart of the product experimentation mindset? Is your team driven by fear or curiosit...

John Cutler

Best Practices

Jake Knapp on Making Time (for Ourselves, Products, Customers, and Teams)

Product designer and bestselling author Jake Knapp advocates for being extremely deliberate with how...

Cara Harshman

Best Practices

How to Set Metrics for Design

Designers need analytics too. I took my work to the next level by setting metrics against the design...

Jenny Chang

Best Practices

5 Questions with Al Harnisch, VP of Growth at Prolific Interactive

An interview with Prolific, our partner who supports product teams at SoulCycle, Gap, and Jet.

Tai Rattigan

Best Practices

3 Mistakes You're Making with Month-Over-Month Growth Rates

Accurately modeling your growth is the first step toward unlocking exponential growth for your produ...

Archana Madhavan

Best Practices

Dynamic Behavioral Sampling

Tracking every event is expensive. But, you still need to collect data for product analytics. The so...

Jin Hao Wan

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