Combine funnel events inline

This article helps you:

  • Combine multiple events into a single event slot in your Funnel Analysis chart

Explore event combinations directly in the chart controls without creating and saving a permanent custom event. Follow these steps to add a custom event for inline comparison:

  1. Click More Options in the Events side control and select Combine events inline.


  1. Next, click Add event inline to add a custom event. Add the number of custom events you need.



The in-line event that you create will only be relevant to that specific chart and will not be accessible anywhere else. 

  1. If desired, hover on the event and click Filter to add event properties. Add as many filter properties as needed for each in-line event.


  1. Click Remove to remove properties and in-line events, as needed.


Custom events can't contain other custom events. Also, Show User JourneysExplore Conversion Drivers and Show User Paths are not available via the Microscope for in-line event steps in funnels.

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May 29th, 2024

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