When a dear colleague introduced me to Amplitude, I was – in typical consultant form – skeptical of the claims. However, feeling a growing discontentment in accelerating time to value building custom capabilities in my 13-year career in management consulting, I decided to deep dive and understand the value proposition of SaaS Analytics products.

”My heart is set on helping enterprise companies become digital re-inventors with a strong customer focus, drive early value with a use-case driven and lean approach.”It became very apparent to me very quickly how much enterprises can derive Customer LTV, proactively personalize, manage and measure customer experiences, and accelerate their pace of customer innovation by leveraging Amplitude. I’ve joined the company as the VP of Professional Services and I want to share why, after 13 years in management consulting, years of touting that “no platform can fit anyone’s needs,” I joined a product intelligence platform and became an Ampliteer.

My career began 16 years ago, when I departed from my home country, India. I did my Bachelor’s in computer sciences and like many other Indian undergraduates at that time, aspired to further pursue depth in Computer Science. I did my Masters in University of Texas, Dallas. Culturally, that was a huge step for my parents and family to actually let me do this by myself. After several futile attempts to get me engaged and married, they let me go!

My career started with Blockbuster

I started my career with Blockbuster Inc (yes!, they were very profitable back then and it was my Friday night jam – Movie night, wings and wine!). I started exploring the world of data and enterprise reporting. This experience helped me grow into a person who understood data and also I became self-aware very quickly on my strengths and opportunities. The enterprise reporting industry took twists and turns and I was in the thick of it. My natural curiosity on how technology enabled business, pushed me to understand every business model I was exposed to. I got introduced to consulting and I then jumped into the SAP BI space in EDS Consulting . I did a lot of meaningful work with Global economic organizations and this gave me a lot of exposure into global implementations with the likes of World Bank.
shilpa-singh-vp-professional-servicesMe and my kids.

I became a mother of two, tried to test out the stay home mom thing out of guilt. Two months in, quickly realized I was made for the business world. My next stints were with boutique local Management consulting firms where I grew into leading multi-year and multi-million dollar enterprise digital transformations working with C-level executives. I became a trusted advisor to great leaders in the digital space.

A shift away from enterprise consulting and towards enterprise software

In spite of all these rare experiences, I was discontent. I felt a huge feeling of disservice stemming from retrospectives of all the investments I advised enterprise executives to make. The struggle and road to value creation was extremely dragged out even with a lot of really smart people with the right intentions working on them. I always believed that no platform can fit anyone’s needs so custom development is the way to go.

I doodled a very common scenario in Enterprises wanting to personalize their products.


The point I am trying to make here is how much we fall into the trap of waterfall models under the name of Hybrid Agile. We get sucked into long cycles of implementation and lose sight of value and the power of building capabilities that lend themselves to rapid experimentation.

This mentality shifted when I dug into Amplitude.

My heart is set on helping enterprise companies become digital re-inventors with a strong customer focus, drive early value with a use-case driven and lean approach. The power, platform and mindset for experimentation are key first principles. Keeping change management simple and starting at grassroots is key. Providing expertise to partner in your Product journey, with a self-served platform to test and learn quickly is where Amplitude comes in.

I am currently diligently working on helping few enterprise clients figure out a path to a value driven digital re-invention through experimentation – with a product focus! Message me if you want to grab a cup of coffee or chat about how we can accelerate your product journey.