How a single PostgreSQL config change improved slow query performance by 50x

Pavan Patibandla

Senior Software Engineer

At Amplitude, our goal is to provide easy-to-use interactive product analytics, so everyone can find answers to their product questions. In order to provide a great user experience, Amplitude needs to provide these answers quickly. So when one of our customers complained about how long it took to load the event properties dropdown in the Amplitude UI, we started digging into it…

Read about how we improved slow query performance by 50x on our Engineering Blog.

Published: 12/01/17

Pavan Patibandla

Pavan is Senior BackEnd Engineer at Amplitude, responsible for our Distributed query layer and ingestion pipeline. Pavan enjoys working on hard/unsolved problems and loves to learn new stuff. Prior to Amplitude Pavan worked on Distributed File Systems at Riverbed.

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